Material trends: passion for material

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Material trends: passion for material
Wednesday, December 20, 2017Description :

Composite monolithic materials such as the ?Straciatella? or the ?Terrazo? finishes are gaining importance in flooring, just as it was in the 1960s and 1970s, and it is now that they will be available in all type of formats and decorative elements.

Additionally, the recycled and sustainable materials have a very important role to play, and this can be seen through the material experimentation, as well as the materials with textures, and the rough and volumetric ones. The PORCELANOSA Grupo offers a wide product list which is in line with this style.

Terrazzo: The resurgent material
Only a few years ago, terrazzo was a material of the past and, of a rather classical style. At present, it is breaking away from preconceptions and it is presented as one of the leading materials in 2018 in its more contemporary and avant-garde version.

It has been a long time since its beginning, being created in the 15th century in Venice from leftover pieces of marble and cement in order to create conglomerates which served as an essential design for the construction.
The PORCELANOSA Grupo was ahead of this trend and it was last year when it launched an innovative Solid Surface Krion® mineral compact inspired by the aesthetics and the material reusing technique. K-Terrazo de Krion®, from the Terrazzo Series, meets the demands of acrylic stone, which, just like the Terrazzo, allows for regeneration when necessary and is categorised as a ?full body? material in architecture. Flexibility, zero porosity and easy fabricating are some of the properties featured in this mineral compact material.

Marble: signs of elegance
The search for new textures and contrasts in finishes has reached marble. Far from searching for smooth perfect marble, eye-catching pieces with heavy patterns and veining are counted on.

L’Antic Colonial offers two of its purest marble designs, in other words, Blanco Carrara and Caspian Grey. The former meets the needs of a whitish marble with an irregular grey pattern, whereas the latter is a dark marble with impressive white veining. We are dealing with two models which provide the space with character and sophistication through unique and exclusive shapes.

Granite: Sweet Straciatella
This season, the straciatella finish will again be present, through granite materials in black and white with small-format pieces.

Gamadecor presents a kitchen where the purity of wood and granite combine perfectly. The E.7.30 Roble Cuero model comes with an island made of oak and granite with a modern, casual and sophisticated look.

Wood aroma
Wood maintains its timeless character, becoming once again one of the trendiest materials for 2018. The truth is that next year, we will find wood in its more natural and imperfect versions through bodies and volumes with 3D effects.

L’Antic Colonial offers natural wood models such as the Revival 1L Ocher, oakwood which has a large number of knots with a darker tone. Similarly, by combining volumetry and texture, one can find the Wood Cubes and Wood Square Aged wall tiles. The former is a mosaic made of oakwood which shows great relief among each of its tiles. In this piece with lively tones, one can notice a great deal of knots and patterns, something typical of natural wood. The latter, the Wood Square Aged, is made of recycled wood and shows a more aged look with a wide range of tones and a relief which is not very pronounced, thus making the natural qualities of wood stand out.

As well as that, alternative ceramics which provide a wood-effect aesthetics exist. The PORCELANOSA Grupo offers the Starwood ceramic wood; and the Par-Ker ceramic parquet by Porcelanosa.

One of the most outstanding features of Starwood, available at the moment in 12 tones, is the fact that its designs resemble natural wood because of both its visual appearance and its texture, therefore, providing any space with great warmth and beauty.

The Par-ker ceramic flooring bases its patterns on different types of wood such as: ash, walnut and maple; as well as on its natural colouring. The Delaware series is available in five finishes which include a pattern which is identical to tree rings, with smooth and polished finishes.

Stone: Single-piece elements
Stone plays a major role as a material and element composition, whether it is a basin or a bathtub manufactured in a single piece and with an original monolithic shape.

Urbatek offers the XLight Aged, a ceramic stone which belongs to the XLight Premium selection. This material can create uniform surfaces thanks to its large format and fine thickness. We are dealing with an aesthetics which provides a soft touch through the most subtle granulometry.

Cement: The most industrial material
One can find another line which complements that of the ceramic tradition. Cement has become one of the material-related trends this season. In order to respond to this demand, Butech, the firm specialised in building systems from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, has developed Micro-stuk Nature. In this trend, directly inspired by natural materials, it is really necessary to be extremely careful with the details such as: the corners, the finishes or the joints between the tiles, and to use the materials by Butech. A jointless wall tile which is characterised by its industrial spontaneous aesthetics, as well as by its resistance, flexibility and application minimum thickness.

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