Linkfloor Wall: the ideal warm-effect vinyl fabric for walls

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Linkfloor Wall: the ideal warm-effect vinyl fabric for walls
Thursday, October 27, 2016Description :

The firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, L’Antic Colonial, aims to offer a new concept of wall tile by means of its Linkfloor Wall collection. It is a vinyl fabric plaited over a layer of polyester which turns out to be very similar to the Linkfloor Roll Contract, but much thinner and not as heavy, so in this way it can easily be installed on walls.

By making a comparison with the Linkfloor Roll, which has a 200x1000x0,25cm format, the Linkfloor Wall reaches the 100x3000x0,15cm, therefore, it is much lighter and easy to handle, as well as keeping the same warm and cosy look. In fact, with this new format, one can find the same finishes and tones as in the entire Linkfloor Contract collection: Clay, Cotton, Diamond, Graphite, Gravel, Iron, Sand, Steel, Titanium and Zinc.

Linkfloor Contract and the benefits of vinyl
With the aim of meeting the demands of materials for both commercial spaces and ?contract’ projects, L’Antic Colonial presented its Linkfloor Contract vinyl flooring collection a couple of months ago. Elegant and very aesthetical plaiting-effect designs, which result in being ideal for either a store, a hotel reception or for the most exclusive suite.

Furthermore, the advanced manufacturing processes of vinyl flooring and wall tiles by l’Antic Colonial, have made the creation of designs possible, which are highly resistant to abrasion, impacts, humidity, stains, as well as chemical agents. Furthermore, they are also free of mites. The PVC base, the high quality and the great stability of these vinyl materials make them tremendously suitable for demanding high-traffic projects, without compromising their waterproofing properties, so that they can even be used in both kitchens and bathrooms.

The Linkfloor vinyl flooring by l’Antic Colonial additionally offers its international maximum-guarantee certificate, as well as the German ?Ü Stamp’, the French ?A+ Stamp’, or the CE and ASTM certificates. Some requirements, which together with the 15-year-guarantee offered by L’Antic Colonial, make the Linkfloor a very safe bet indeed for any project.

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