Line Shower trays: Floor-level showers

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Line Shower trays: Floor-level showers
Tuesday, August 22, 2017Description :

One of the trends in interior design for 2017 are the floor-level showers or Italian showers. This terminology of ?Italian shower’ originally comes from the Roman Empire, and it is used in modern bathrooms to simplify the design and make the shower experience much more practical and functional.

Because if there is something that highlights floor-level showers, it is its easy access, since, unlike other shower trays, there is no jump or step involved, and they even have better functional access for people with reduced mobility. In addition, the design becomes more minimalist, being capable of even opting for the visual continuity in floor tile or wall tile regarding the rest of the bathroom. The easy cleaning and maintenance are other advantages. Hence, its success in the setting up of the most modern and urban bathrooms.

Shower tray: the floor-level shower key element

The PORCELANOSA Grupo firm, which is always in line with the latest trends in architecture and interior design, offers the Line shower trays, ideal for a shower at ground level. They are extra slim trays, so they can be completely integrated at floor level or they can be just a few centimetres above it. Their main feature is that they are made of high quality material, thus showing excellent mechanical characteristics, apart from being coated with the KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral.

KRION® Bath by Systempool offers this product with wide shower properties, being highly resistant to the passing of time and its continued contact with water. The easy cleaning of the material makes this shower tray an element of high hygiene and simple maintenance, which is necessary in equipment used daily.

Design and format
If floor-level showers are already practical and minimalist themselves, the shower tray model provided by KRION® Bath is highly reduced to the minimum expression, marking only the entrance to the drain. In addition, the Line shower tray offers the possibility of having decorative panels for tiling the walls, maintaining the visual continuity in the shower space.

In addition to white, the star colour from the KRION® acrylic stone, the Line shower tray is available in four more shades: Line Beige, Line Topo, Line Gris and Line Grafito. It also offers custom formats, both in length, from 75cm to 210cm; and width, from 70cm to 100 cm; without forgetting about the rectangular model, the square model and the angular model with rounded edges.

Without a doubt, a functional and modern shower tray, with the quality and guarantee of the materials and products from the PORCELANOSA Grupo and its unique aesthetic, a benchmark in the design sector.

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