Laminate flooring by L’Antic Colonial, resistance and natural aesthetics

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Laminate flooring by L’Antic Colonial, resistance and natural aesthetics
Wednesday, April 25, 2018Description :

L’Antic Colonial, the firm at the forefront of natural and Premium materials, also offers an assorted selection of laminate flooring with different types of finishes, formats and colours which remind us of natural wood.

Dynamism by Cross
In the Cross collection, one can find Cross Espiga Natural. Flooring which is installed in a herringbone pattern and offers high dynamism wherever it is installed. The other line, Cross Chevron, which has a compass-shaped zig-zag pattern is available in three different tones: Cream, Grey and Brow. Two new formats whose slat measurements are: 118cm,4cm×29cm,34cm×0,8cm, and which make the assembling of pieces possible in one single process so that the desired pattern is achieved.

Differences between laminate flooring and parquet
The parquet meets the expectations of a wooden floor with a top layer with a 2.5mm minimum thickness. Depending on the type of flooring, it could be a solid piece, a single piece of wood or multi-layered.

However, laminate flooring is made up of several layers (laminate) of different materials. In the top part, one can find a transparent layer made of pressed melamine which has the relief protected and also reproduces the tactility of wood. In the bottom layers, we find the high-density fibre panel and a support layer which equilibrate the slats.

The competitive advantages of the laminate flooring and the parquet
The most outstanding competitive advantage of the parquet is its natural beauty. Wood in its purest form offers unique attractive finishes, tones and textures. We are dealing with a piece which is finer than the laminate flooring, since it requires a more specific type of maintenance and daily care.

Laminate flooring has resistance and durability. Its synthetic composition makes it remain unchanged to scratching, liquids, knocks and humidity. It therefore becomes a solution for high-demanding contract projects such as shopping centres.

A wide range of possibilities
L’Antic Colonial has an assorted selection of laminate. Among them, one can find classical collections such as Natural, Supreme, Genuine, Revelation, Residence, Styl, Endless and Quercus; or others which are more innovative, like: Cross, Baltic, Helvetia and Source, which were presented at the 25th International Exhibition.

Each of its surfaces remind us of natural wood thanks to the different finishes that are applied in their references. Natural, grinded or polished are the different types of finishes offered by these laminates.

A product which remains unchanged over time with continuous high traffic. Its characteristics and features, unlike natural wood, make it become a unique product. This is an alternative to wooden floors with higher technique features.

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