L’Antic Colonial brings the traditional interwoven natural wood floors back

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L’Antic Colonial brings the traditional interwoven natural wood floors back
Thursday, May 14, 2015Description :

L’Antic Colonial has recently presented its new Legacy natural wood floors collection, which brings the traditional interwoven design used in the mountain constructions back, thus, conveying the warmth and resistance needed to achieve perfect finishes in these spaces.

Unlike the typical longitudinal strips of wood, Legacy is offered in a square format of 100×100 cm with a thickness of 2cm, with a multi-layer structure formed by a mixture of the best quality natural materials. Therefore, each piece of this parquet is formed by a first layer made from slats of French oak and a second panel made of birch.

In order to achieve this unique design, the slats of oak are laminated forming an interwoven panel, providing the space with a welcoming character which recovers the essence of a century old tradition. This panel, together with the technical properties of the natural materials, gives this L’Antic Colonial parquet a great thermal resistance, thus allowing it to be installed on top of underfloor heating systems, very common in mountain constructions.

At present, the Legacy collection is available in four different colours adapting to rooms of any decorative style: ranging from the smooth bright Legacy Ceniza to the intense Legacy Vulcano reddish tones, with the warmth of the Legacy Cognac and the naturalness of the Legacy Tobacco.

With the aim of guaranteeing resistance to sunlight, L’Antic Colonial natural wooden floors’ finishes and colours have been treated with a tinting process, before a applying a double layer of UV oil.

Furthermore, and in order to allow their installation through mitres, the Legacy parquet’s pieces are grooved along their perimeters, obtaining perfect and long-lasting finishes with very little effort.

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