KRION® Solid Surface becomes gourmet with the cuisine design by Infinito

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KRION® Solid Surface becomes gourmet with the cuisine design by Infinito
Monday, February 8, 2016Description :

When art and innovation come together, high level avant-garde projects, such as the Quadrilatero and Tegusto table decoration collections come to the fore.

Both designs have been created as a result of deep passion and originality, done by the Italian firm Infinito and the chef Stefano Ciotti. By means of the masterly use of the KRION® Solid Surface mineral compact, they come up with two exclusive tasting plates.

Quadrilatero, full of both style and versatility, turns out to be the firm’s pioneering collection, Infinity. It is presented in a tray format or as a customised plate for dinner guests in very important tasting events. It is ideal for savouring highly exquisite cuisine options, such as assorted gourmet jam, honey or oil. The distinctive feature of Quadrilatero is the way in which it has been manufactured, with the base being made of the state-of-the-art KRION® acrylic stone, and with solid wood insertions, thus, providing the most exquisite dishes with a fine touch of warmth. In short, the Quadrilatero collection is the perfect partner for both mixing and combining flavours on the same plate, but at the same time, isolating each component so that its essence and genuine flavour can be respected.

The Tegusto table decoration collection manufactured with the KRION® Solid Surface 1100 Snow White has been designed by Cristina Zanni, which manages to be very much in the public eye at tasting events, as well as letting the chef create that perfect cuisine combination. Both the elegance and satisfaction of delighting the most demanding of palates are a must in Tegusto.

With regard to the formats, Tegusto is available in the following sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL, whereas Quadrilatero is only available from S to XL.

The suitability of the KRION® Solid Surface for carrying out this cuisine challenge of turning the mineral compact by PORCELANOSA Grupo into gourmets, lies in its wide range of properties and high quality. Among them, it is worth highlighting its additive-free anti-bacterial power, its durability and easy-to clean properties, thus, making KRION® the ideal partner in both catering and high cuisine.

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