KRION® Bath pays tribute to the ancient Japanese culture by means of ARO

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KRION® Bath pays tribute to the ancient Japanese culture by means of ARO
Tuesday, August 30, 2016Description :

Systempool, the firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, focuses its ideal concept of a bathroom on one of its most relevant collections: the ARO series manufactured with KRION® Bath. A projection of current designs and comfort in the bathroom, the fruit of Manuel Ferrero’s creative mind, who is the Creative Director of estudi{H}ac. It is in this collection where the suitability of the KRION® Solid Surface mineral compact for the bathroom equipment shows itself.

The acrylic stone means resistance, warm to touch, porosity-free and durability, as well as intense whiteness and highly hygienic, thanks to its anti-bacterial properties.

The ARO bathroom collection turns out to be fine, subtle, practical and contemporary, but without compromising its special tribute to the Japanese culture. José Manuel Ferrero was inspired by the tea ceremony in relation to offering a unique current bathroom equipment, whose naturalness and pureness remind us of the shape of the china bowls used for this ceremony. In turn, a ring-shaped flat surface representing the hands of whom offers their guest the tea, is created. Water is one of the other symbols from this excellent KRION® Bath range, by conceiving both its freshness and neatness for an intimate personal use.

A full range for modern bathrooms
Inspired by deep lively concave shapes, the ARO collection manufactured with KRION® Bath brings together a big array of items for the configuration of an integral bathroom.

Also, one can find the freestanding bathtub with a practical ledge. With regard to the basins, they are available in various formats: the wall-hung model, 40, 80 or 130 cm wide, floor-mounted installation or circular for countertop installation, depending on the bathroom design. The wall-hung basins or countertop installation ones, are fitted with functional bathroom furniture, thus, increasing the storage capacity.

It is worth mentioning other items such as the columns, floor or wall-mounted, as well as the shelves. Furthermore, ARO offers other bathroom accessories, such as the mirrors, which are available in different sizes, the stool or the towel rails.

Furthermore, ARO by the estudi{H}ac for KRION® Bath also integrates the option for the shower tray, which can either substitute the bathtub or complement it, thus, achieving an integral bathroom.

Set of tones regarding design
Although ARO is based on a simple minimalist design in both strong white and jointless, thanks to KRION®, Systempool offers the possibility of including small touches of colour in the design by means of a set of lacquers.

Wood is an essential partner, providing additional originality and authenticity to the bathroom. Therefore, ARO offers the possibility of combining white KRION® with small pieces of natural oak and walnut wood, creating an elegant and sophisticated bathroom atmosphere.

Regarding the colour, the ring wrapped around each of the elements can be found in any colour from the ARO range, making them more prominent and noticeable.

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