KRION® Bath: new accessories for reinventing the bathroom as a functional space

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KRION® Bath: new accessories for reinventing the bathroom as a functional space
Thursday, October 13, 2016Description :

The bathroom is an ideal space for the use of cutting-edge materials such as the KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral. Its design, malleability, resistance properties, as well as its easy cleaning go beyond being a perfect material for making bathtubs, shower trays or basins, as they are also ideal for the design of unique bathroom accessories, which turns it into the most comfortable and functional room.

KRION® proposes, thus, its K series accessories in acrylic stone, which brings together in its product catalogue the most practical shelves to shelf ladders, horizontal and vertical shelves or towel racks. Thus, the bathroom design reinvents itself, which makes its use easier in our everyday lives. The K series from KRION® Bath is also perfect for combining with any bathroom equipment collection, including both the Modul and Aro ranges, which, although they are equipped with their own accessories, these can be customized with the exceptionality of KRION® K .

K Shelves and Shelving units

KRION® has several piece sizes as far as the K shelves series is concerned, all in the star colour from the Solid Surface: KRION® 1100 Snow White. Its formats are, in this case, 30x15cm, 80x15cm 61x15cm as well as 61x40cm, 80x40cm and 120x40cm.

The shelving units, meanwhile, can be simple and in a single colour, or triples, including units in its design, where finding a home for either a glass or a soap dish is easily done. In this second option, the designs can be only white, or combined with other finishes such as gloss inox or black.

K Shelves

Other available units in accessories are both vertical and horizontal models. The perfect bathroom equipment that increases storage, as well as putting everything we need well within reach. In both cases, there are several sizes of shelving for a full customization. They are available in either white or oak.

Other accessories

In addition, the KRION® K series has other KRION®Bath accessories capable of fueling the bathroom design. In this sense, this range includes stairs with shelves, combining white and oak, this is an extra point for decoration; K stool and mirror. There are also available towel rails, which are standing or wall hung, so that the bathroom experience with KRION® is both complete and comprehensive.

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