KRION® Bath: Modern bathroom decoration that brings nature to mind

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KRION® Bath: Modern bathroom decoration that brings nature to mind
Thursday, February 9, 2017Description :

Nature is one of the inspirational sources for Systempool when it comes to creating its bathroom equipment projects. This firm bases itself on purity as well as ergonomics and minimalism when creating its products.

If the goal is achieving a more evocative and natural bathroom concept, Systempool takes its Solid Surface purity to create the innovative KRION® Bath collections. An elegant bathroom line, with pure silhouettes and a timeless design which fits in perfectly with current bathroom decoration.

The compact mineral from PORCELANOSA Grupo is recyclable and does not emit volatile compounds. This fact reaffirms the commitment from Systempool to nature. KRION® is also a repairable, resistant and easy-to-maintain material which, without a doubt, provides added value to bathroom equipment.

KRION®: the perfect material for the bathroom

KRION® is a compact mineral consisting of two thirds of natural minerals (alumina trihydrate) and a low percentage of high resistant resins. This is a material whose origin lies in nature, and it transmits its essence to bathroom equipment in collections such as KRION® Bath. Other advantages from KRION® that we can also find in this series is its intensity in the colour white, higher than 99.8%, and its easy cleaning as well. Also, KRION® acrylic stone is highly resistant, both to chemical attacks and fire, as well as being a totally antibacterial material, not allowing the proliferation or bacteria or fungi growth on its surface.

KRION® Bath: the collections
KRION® Bath, the bathroom collection from Systempool, includes different designs in its catalogue among which we can find the Tono, Almond, Aro, Ras, Epoque, Modul and Kole series; each one with its design features, arrangements and finishes. From bathtubs to basins, countertops or shower trays, all of them with great purity and versatility. They have technical characteristics from KRION®. In addition, KRION® Bath provides a unique bathroom accessories collection, also in the cutting-edge compact mineral. Shelving, shelves, towel rails and accessories for the basin complete a comprehensive design in the most sophisticated of materials.

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