Kreus, the first furniture collection made of Krion® and reclaimed wood

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Kreus, the first furniture collection made of Krion® and reclaimed wood
Monday, March 30, 2015Description :

Nihil Estudio, which specialises in interior architecture and housing design, commercial offices and temporary architecture, has just presented the first furniture collection made of Krion® solid surface in combination with Kreus reclaimed wood.

Jesús Olavarría and Paula García are the ones responsible for this versatile and practical furniture, characterised by a fresh modern design, and created in conjunction with the designers Aránzazu Pastor and Jesús Martínez.

The TANTUM chest of drawers, the CAPSULA table, the BRA'A modules and the CULMEN shelf, all together make up Kreus. Made of a combination of wood coming from demolitions, Krion® and natural leather, the collection has been handcrafted by making use of materials with an industrial appearance, with the aim of getting a set of pieces that are characterised by a symmetrical design depicting a noticeable sculptural design. The company, Kapps, is the one in charge of the Krion® conversion in order to give shape to the collection.

The Tantum cabinet reinterprets the classical cabinets of Castilian origin, characterised by their numerous drawers and storage compartments. It is in this case where an angular design for the wooden drawers has been chosen providing the piece of furniture with a clear dynamism. The wood embraces the piece of furniture in order to make the sturdy legs which hold the containing structure made of Krion®. The drawers are finished off with leather handles, which reinforces the handcrafting feature of the piece of furniture.

The Capsula table is an auxiliary piece of furniture whose surface portrays the front of the cabinet, making up a system of wood covers that hide the gaps the solid surface accomodates. These gaps are suitable for small objects storage. From the Krion® volume, two small wooden legs emerge raising it from the floor.

On the other hand, the Culmen shelf portrays the surface of the chest of drawers with a Krion® shelf decorated with a strip of wood, which is supported by two leather straps holding the piece hanging from the ceiling, just like a swing.

Finally, the Bra'a modules are laid out like two panels consisting of several containers, a mirror, a shelf and different hangers, all of them designed to place daily objects. The different elements are displayed by means of an asymmetry and oblique lines design, in keeping with the dynamism of the rest of the elements.

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