Integrate wood in the bathroom with a full guarantee

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Integrate wood in the bathroom with a full guarantee
Wednesday, June 15, 2016Description :

Wood is not, a priori, a material to bear in mind when carrying out the interior setting up of a bathroom. Nevertheless, the trends in design are increasingly focusing on the option of wood when fitting out a rustic and contemporary bathroom. That ideal space, in which to combine modernity, authenticity and origin all together.

Rustic bathrooms turn out to be a ?must have’ in both architecture and interior design, and they are just that because of their power to provide spaces with warmth and that relaxation escape route from the demands of daily stress.

However, it is not only necessary to know what type of wood is the suitable one for integrating in the bathroom, but also how to do it with a guarantee. Since the bathroom is a highly-demanding space with character, which sometimes lacks ventilation, together with a high humidity concentration.

Wood appearance porcelain: quality without compromising the origin

When opting for a bathroom wall tile, the key is the wood being solid, hard, low porosity and with a finish working as a heat insulator, in other words, wood that has been treated to be resistant to water, steam and humidity.

Finding the ideal natural wood design for bathroom floor and wall tiles turns out to be a risky challenge, since there are wood appearance ceramic designs that offer absolute warmth and resistance to both water and humidity, without compromising origin and natural essence. In addition to this, the ceramic floor tiles and ceramic wall tiles with the wood appearance have easy-to-clean and low-maintenance properties, thus, resulting in being the ideal choice for both private and public bathrooms, since they are highly-resistant to the wear and tear caused by high traffic.

PORCELANOSA Grupo, through its two firms Porcelanosa and Venis, offers several series of ceramic parquet, which are able to provide that natural touch that is typical of natural wood flooring. A rustic minimalism full of details which is portrayed in relaxing atmospheres with pleasant feelings. Porcelanosa, for instance, presents its following series: Chelsea, London, Austin, Chester, Ascot and Oxford. All of them full of technical features and numerous finishes, which are able to fulfil the widest range of projects.

Venis, on the other hand, also offers several of its PAR-KER collections, the rectified porcelain tile; Canadá, Hampton, Houston or Montana, as well as with Rotterdam or Amazonia.

In addition to the natural wood parquet reproduction in the bathroom, these ceramic materials allow for combining both floor tiles and wall tiles, just as if it were a spa. Always with the absolute resistance and low-porosity guarantee. Done by Porcelanosa, one can find different designs imitating wood with a perfect use for the bathroom, ranging from the Taco, Chester or Forest series, to the Oxford wood strip or Chelsea, which turn out to be original ceramic wall tiles with the shape of elegant wood strips.

The use of wood in bathroom equipment. This is how design is revitalised.

Apart from the introduction of wood in the bathroom by means of both warm floor and wall tiles with character, it is also possible to opt for this pure authentic material through bathroom equipment. Wooden bathroom furniture, worktops, shelves, and even bathroom accessories such as mirrors, are imbued with the essence of wood, either integrally or by means of small details. In this case, the ideal wood are the following: oakwood, beech-wood, maple-wood or cherry-wood; tougher and more resistant to humidity and whose only requirement for an excellent sealing is them being varnished.

With regard to the most rustic bathrooms, furniture and wood accessories are usually combined together with other natural materials such as natural stone, which are materialised through the most excellent basins or bathtubs. Squared authenticity suggesting firmness and roots in these spaces. One example is the S-Tower furniture of L’Antic Colonial, which banks on the possibility of making the front side of the furniture with natural stone from this very same firm.

On other occasions, and seeking for a more avant-garde contemporary touch, the traditional wood is combined with more modern-day materials. Thus, the interior design becomes more modern by adapting itself to the most innovative systems of taps, showers or sanitaryware.

By following that line, in other words, blending current materials with the timeless everlasting wood, PORCELANOSA Grupo proposes bathroom collections such as Mood Wood by Noken, or Aro by the estudi{H}ac for Systempool. In both cases, wood is intermingled with the KRION® Solid Surface mineral compact, thus, offering a striking aesthetic contrast with the highest performance.

L’Antic Colonial, on the other hand, appeals to both the legitimacy and naturalness of natural wood in combination with stone, as it is shown in the sophisticated collections of Men{H}ir by the estudi{H}ac, Azrama by Clodagh or Minim Wood by Ramón Esteve.

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