Innovative and practical equipment for an optimal organisation

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Innovative and practical equipment for an optimal organisation
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In the homes from years ago, kitchens used to be much larger than the current ones. In addition, apart from the kitchen space itself, an additional store room was available, where non-perishable food and several household goods were usually stored.

Today, kitchens have developed into a unique space, often not wide enough as one would desire. Whatever the available square metres are when integrating the most optimal kitchen equipment, storage is crucial because order, practicality and functionality in the kitchen will depend on it.

Regarding design, the kitchen must be attractive and modern outside, but also inside. To do this, when designing its layout, one must be sure about what goes where regarding storage and what the priorities of use are. What is going to be used more often must be stored in order and at hand, at the expense of other goods with a more sporadic use. Cutlery, crockery, appliances and small appliances will therefore require special treatment, so we must find the most suitable storage solution which will allow for having them at hand, and at our complete disposal.

Regarding storage solutions, there are several issues to consider when selecting some designs rather than others. Functionality and kitchen design are the most relevant. These will undoubtedly determine the type of composition chosen and the units that it is made up of.

Functionality: a storage solution for each use
One of the greatest innovations in kitchen storage has to do with furniture. The pieces, drawers, cupboards and units are enlarged acquiring a bigger size and more compartments, in such an order that: cutlery, crockery, saucepans and pans are arranged in the most optimal way possible. Narrow units for bread storage, bottles or cutlery are also a must as they are very practical.

With contemporary kitchens of great importance in the countertops islands and work spaces, base cabinets and lofts are an excellent storage solution. In them, it is possible to hide everything necessary, without giving up having everything close at hand.

Removable and Corner units
These kinds of units: removable trays and corner units, rather than increasing storage capacity, make the use experience simpler. A perfect solution to make sure every centimetre is used.

The evolution of the old kitchen store rooms but including them in the equipment in the form of unit compositions are the pantries. They simulate the fridge opening, remaining hidden behind a door, so they clearly contribute to simplify the design. The storage is optimal because in many cases pantries include large compartments and shelves, as well as pieces attached to the door for greater storage of household and food.

Showcases and shelves
Very useful storage spaces but with a handicap: they are in sight. Normally, they are often relegated to as dish and glassware storage, whose aesthetics and order contribute to beautify the design but, without being overloaded. Nevertheless, modern kitchens allow for the storage of any type of goods in these kinds of spaces, providing that the order of the facing objects is ideal.

Gaps and shelves
Two other storage facing solutions. They allow for, above all, taking advantage of any space in the kitchen for storage. A perfect space for jars, spice boxes, books, kitchenware or any other decorative element.

Kitchens design: from ?visible? kitchens to kitchens that do not look like kitchens
Modern kitchen design focuses on two opposing trends but equally innovative: kitchens with everything on show and panelled kitchens.

Kitchen with everything on show
This type of kitchen design is unique since it does not hide anything, everything is ?on show?. Therefore, it is made up of storage solutions shelves, bookcases, showcases or cabinets without doors, which allow for everything to be seen at all times, as well as what they contain, such as laying the equipment bare. The main advantage of this type of kitchen is that this can make the space seemingly bigger and wider, despite the inconvenience of having everything tidy and in place at all times.

Panelled kitchens
These kinds of kitchens suggest avant-garde design and originality, like an early sign of what the futuristic kitchen will be like. Despite being kitchens that do not look like kitchens which are capable of hiding parts of their units, they are highly functional and practical kitchens, with the unique peculiarity of being capable of being adjustable and adaptable to each situation and use. In this way, apart from having furniture with a door as a large storage solution, as well as shelves and hidden units, this type of kitchen allows for hiding spaces such as the pantry, shelves and even the panel area. With them, everything always seems to have been cleared away, as well as being capable of even hiding the appliances.

Emotions®: maximum quality in kitchen design. Equipment for every kitchen and every need
Gamadecor, a kitchen company from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, is a leading firm in the offering of multiple solutions for storage, fulfilling the highest expectations both in design and quality, as well as functionality. Emotions® kitchens, for instance, have a wide range of options, from drawer organisers to furniture, shelves or special removable fittings that help to optimize the space in the kitchen and facilitate the organization. In addition, they are highly practical and functional, with both goods or food in reach whenever they are needed.

Another feature is that they have a wide working space and they are also made of noble and innovative materials, such as oak, steel and even the KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral. The finishes are harmonious and homogeneous, generating a modern and elegant kitchen design. The compositions are modular, and even allow for hidden pieces in some of their cases for a more modern, orderly, subtle and minimalist result.

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