Hydrotherapy: bathroom fittings for relaxing

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Hydrotherapy: bathroom fittings for relaxing
Wednesday, January 11, 2017Description :

Water is a natural and basic resource that offers a lot of benefits like improving our physical and emotional well-being.

Hydrotherapy is defined exactly as ?water therapy? and it is used to relieve discomfort and promote the right emotional and physical health. Its use can be given in different ways, such as: hot or cold water, steam or ice, since when applied to the human body and depending on which states it is in, one can benefit from different therapeutic treatments.The best solution is to mix cold and hot water together, since this practise directly effects the circulatory system, and as a result, it reduces pain, eliminates toxins and residues, increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood, providing the muscles with a greater feeling of relaxation.Hydrotherapy, therefore, offers therapeutic characteristics for muscular ailments, but also, it favours the complete relaxation of our bodies, resulting in better harmony for our minds. In this experiential experience the bathroom has a prominent role, which, thanks to the hydrotherapy equipment like the one by Noken, the firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, it can be transformed into the perfect room for comfort and well-being in our homes.Ideal equipment for the perfect bathroomBanking on the advanced hydrotherapy systems at home is having the means for reducing stress and enhancing spiritual calmness. To offer the user this special bathroom experience, Noken provides its technological baths with fittings, wellness shower heads and shower columns that even allow for a unique spa atmosphere.Regarding electronical equipment baths, Noken banks on a series of whirlpool baths which even have a programme adapted to every user’s needs. You can cover all or just parts of your body in the whirlpool baths, and they are recommended by specialists regarding the reducing of stress and anxiety, as well as fighting insomnia. Bath models such as Soleil or Minimal achieve this emotional and therapeutic role, and at the same time, they are adapted in an ideal way to the bathroom’s style and design.For the shower fittings, Noken, for its part, suggests its shower heads with chromotherapy, just like the leading technology of its shower columns. In this case, the benefits of hydrotherapy achieve, through direct water jets coming from water outlets placed at different heights, to which Noken adds its colour program, guaranteeingan emotional experience that has an impact on our mood.Some are the shower head models with chromotherapy by Noken, like Lounge or Seasons, that as well as offering showers with colour, they guarantee different water outlets, as with rain, jet or nebulizer. Also, it allows for adding side jets to the shower, in a way where the hydrotherapy treatment is built in and unique.

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