Hydraulic tiles: interior design revival to the style of the 19th-century France

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Hydraulic tiles: interior design revival to the style of the 19th-century France
Wednesday, May 25, 2016Description :

Trends travel through time, and that is the reason why most of the trends which dominated the ancient interior design, come back with a bang today by renovating themselves and taking advantage of those doses of authenticity and origin which make a difference. A good example of this are the hydraulic-inspiration tiles.

By recalling the distinctive style of the mid-19th-centuy France, the contemporary architecture recovers the vintage allure of the hydraulic tiles. The floor tiles as a fetish of the French houses until well into the 60s, presently revived, completely recovered and renovated, by means of its reincarnation in the most technological ceramic materials.

Therefore, the quality of ceramics blends into the wide range and versatility of the retro mosaics, thus, providing the selected atmosphere with both character and distinction. These hydraulic-inspiration tile flooring and wall tiles provide the place where they are applied, with agility and liveliness, either in a sophisticated place at home or in the most urban space contract.

Places full of vintage elegance

The unique and highly-timeless character of the hydraulic tiles are present in any ceramic design inspired by them in order to install the flooring and wall tiles of any contemporary luxury project.

The compositions, textures and colours of this type of retro-inspiration tile, are able to make the difference and enhance their beauty, thus, becoming the centre of attention. Therefore, it is necessary to choose wisely regarding where it will be installed, either on the whole floor or just on a part of the flooring; or in a small place in the hall, in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Because of its sophistication through lively floral tapestries, geometrical compositions or starry profiles; the ideal decision is to keep an essential space for them, and to decorate the rest of the room with soberer, light and bright floor and wall tile designs.

Projecting focuses of attention

The hydraulic tiles allow for providing focuses of attention within an interior design project. The following are some of the ideas for interior design:

– To frame and highlight an area on the wall by drawing a fine tapestry made of ceramic.
– To cover and enhance a staircase decoratively.
– To delimit a room, non-visual barriers are needed.
– To project a carpet by means of ceramic flooring.

In any case of the chosen option, it will become a crucial point in the decoration.

Make your project different
By following the interior design reference of the most modern business in both Camden and Soho in London, the floor tiles and wall tiles with hydraulic tile appearance flood the most daring contract spaces around the world.

There is a vogue for the retro-vintage trend in the commercial spaces and so it is reflected in the setting-up of the atmospheres, arrangements and furniture.

The versatility of the materials with hydraulic tile inspiration favours them to be installed in almost any space: floor and wall tiles, halls, kitchens and bathrooms; even in high-traffic areas. This unique lively design enjoys the quality and resistance of the ceramic materials, which are highly resistant to both wear and breakage and even to high concentrations of humidity. Likewise, they offer easy-to-clean and little maintenance properties, all of these being framed in a much cosier atmosphere reminiscent of the past.

Recalling the most urban industrial style
Giving a resource of the past a second chance, but with the necessary updating in order to be in line with the aesthetic taste of our times, contributes to the fact of honouring golden eras at home.

Recalling the most industrial urban style of the New York lofts in the 50s, and recovering the essence of the classical artistic modernist Barcelona or Parisian apartment, this becomes possible by means of the ceramic with hydraulic tile inspiration.

Drawings with a print of floral authentic style turn out to be the ideal complement to either white or industrial-styled walls, as well as simple or recycled furniture.

Designs with a huge number of decorative choices.
PORCELANOSA Grupo covers the necessities of housings and commercial spaces through its endless decorative choices in the hydraulic tile version. Its firm Porcelanosa, with the exclusivity and quality which is characterised by, offers both all-luxury and exceptionality, such as the Antique series, in a mono-porous rectified for wall tiling, the Antique Blue, Antique Brown and the Antique Grey; and the rectified porcelain tile for flooring.

One of the other most sumptuous series from the firm with hydraulic appearance, is the Barcelona collection, whose versions for floor and wall tiles offer unique shapes in drawings, in symmetrical or combined tile, and in textures and tones as well.

Deco-Tribeca is one of the other ceramic series with hydraulic inspiration, as well as the Dover Antique, in the 31,6x90x0,9 cm format and an excellent plain combination of grey and earth colours, in up to six different settings chosen at random.

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