Handmade inspiration in ATELIER by the PORCELANOSA Grupo

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Handmade inspiration in ATELIER by the PORCELANOSA Grupo
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tradition and origin. Using the old craftsmen who made their work an art as a benchmark, the PORCELANOSA Grupo follows this way of working, which is more genuine and it creates exclusive pieces with unique character and personality, created under extreme care towards the material, and also from purely handmade work and endless tests.

This how Atelier came about, a concept of design for the PAR-KER ceramic parquet by Porcelanosa, inspired by what is natural, and it gets the best performance out of the ceramic.

Its team of designers and stylists provide every single piece that leaves the studio with authenticity, since they are the result of tests carried on textures and colours with different finishes; therefore, we are dealing with a very special collection which combines materials such as stone and wood in a very genuine way, impossible textures and hand-cut shapes, creating square compositions and herringbone and zigzag patterns.

Handcraft-inspired geometric shapes
One of the most leading trends in architecture and interior design, is geometry. Pieces at the service of symmetry which are close to perfection. The Atelier collection from the PORCELANOSA Grupo offers models in flooring, along with ceramic wall tiles which pay tribute to the most handcrafted example with combinations of materials and geometric shapes which provide any space with personality and originality.

Over time, there have been lots of master craftsmen who have carried out original handmade work with natural wood, by combining pieces with different sizes in: orientation, type and geometry.

The Heritage collection: the past is back
Heritage can take you back to the past with a design that is very much modern-day. Its sinuous veining which reminds us of natural wood, and its delicate volume effect achieved through the careful blending of different shapes under the same geometric compositional rhythm; resulting in pieces which resemble real masterpieces.

The Heritage collection is available in three tones: Heritage Natural, Heritage Cognac and Heritage Colonial. Each of those finishes offers different aesthetical possibilities, and therefore, they perfectly suit rustic more, Nordic or even minimal atmospheres. To sum up, this rectified porcelain tile conveys the quality and elegance provided by a natural material, and also the resistance, durability and easy-to-maintain properties provided by ceramic.

The Bolonia collection: combining fine materials
The Bolonia and Viena are two collections from Atelier which show geometry in all their compositions, since apart from banking on geometric compositions, the firm, in a single design, joins different textures, thus, achieving the creation of exclusive pieces of high elegance and cutting-edge design.

The Bolonia collection banks on the Mix & Match trend by combining fine materials such as wood and natural stone. To be more specific, a combination between oakwood inspired by the PAR-KER Manhattan ceramic parquet collection and pieces that emulate the Belgian blue stone. In a square format available in 80x80cm and 59,6×59,6cm, both materials are blended in a composition which provides any atmosphere with elegance, purity and originality.

Regarding the finishes, we highlight its two versions: Bolonia Colonial and Bolonia Cognac. Whereas Bolonia Colonial goes for a combination of a ceramic wood in a deep brown colour and Belgian blue stone in grey tones, Bolonia Cognac makes up its aesthetical mixture of ash-coloured wood and Belgian blue stone with excellent metal shades.

The Viena collection: composition in a herringbone pattern or slats
Done for the Viena collection, we deal thoroughly with a trend which is very popular throughout architecture and interior design: the herringbone pattern or slats.

Its layouts achieve a definition in design which is almost perfect, by creating shapes of impressive originality and aesthetical beauty, getting a highly cutting-edge design and a timeless effect which suit any decorative style.

The collection offers different versions, all of them highlighted by a strong stately feel and French style in white: Viena Colonial, Viena Cognac, Viena Natural and Viena Fresno. Regarding the formats, this new ceramic parquet is available in both 80x80cm and 60,2×60,2cm, depending on the needs of the space.

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