Guest Blogger: Walls with texture. Touch effect wall-coverings

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Guest Blogger: Walls with texture. Touch effect wall-coverings
Saturday, June 18, 2016Description :

By Carolina Sánchez, interior designer and blogger of Comodoos Interiores

These days, the inside can come across as being a cold space, and it highlights the free-standing decoration parts, pieces of furniture, to count on transforming spaces with walls with texture, with volume that allows us to move to this ?touch? effect, which makes us both want to caress and feel like these are also a part of the decoration.

Take a chance on something that sees beyond both wall paper and vinyl coverings, which transforms each room with regard to both size and shape, materials that are hard-wearing, imitation skirting board, along with other materials.A design that not only improves the inside as well as allowing us to feel it, but also provides us with different aspects and angles of light, which elevate us in each and every space, regardless of it being the kitchen, the bathroom or even the headboard cover.It is because of this that today, we will talk about the wall tile series from the Porcelanosa Group, which helps us to improve the atmosphere according to the different styles and collections, as well as the very latest modern-day trends.A Nordic design for warm and cosy interiors.

The spaces that are dominated by Wood, with naturalness and with an almost real effect, isThe par-ker Series from the Porcelanosa Group. A durable material that goes further than just being the floor or for moving to the walls, it is for believing in, as it has that real highest mountain like effect.With a large amount of both finishes and colours, we will be able to decorate our home with more options, like being more rustic, more minimalism and the cold Scandinavian design. It is, without a shadow of a doubt, an incredible piece.

Modern-day Vintage¿But who thinks that both style and fashion cannot come back in? Reinvented pieces, restyled and with combinations that would surprise us, when just a few years ago, we had forgotten about them. This also happens to us with regard to pieces with a vintage air to them. Hydraulic imitations and a mosaic that are both perfect for giving colour, personality, and essence to a wall. For this, the stone-ker series, Dover, will help us to achieve this effect.But we take it above and beyond both bathrooms or kitchens, and also put it in rooms and details that can be unique in our homes.ClassicsHowever, it is possible that the most classical style is overdone or formal. In a way, we have taken note of a lot of materials in order to bring them up to date and then, put them into practise by fitting them on both walls and floors.To feel the elegance, trendiness, and an added value in our decoration, you can get it with pieces like in the Calacata series from the Porcelanosa Group, which invades whatever type of interior with majesty, and at the same time, making each and every moment more elegant.I, without any doubt, am in love with her.¿What do you think about these materials? ¿Do we fancy letting the decoration with wall-coverings play the leading role at home?

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