Gamadecor completes the Ciclo collection by means of new shining finishes

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Gamadecor completes the Ciclo collection by means of new shining finishes
Tuesday, April 21, 2015Description :

Adapting to the most modern preferences and trends regarding decoration and interior design, Gamadecor has extended its bathroom furniture Ciclo collection by means of a palette with a wide range of finishes, all of them designed to fit in perfectly with any modern-styled atmosphere.

The wonderful reception of this module collection consisting of a suspended chest of drawers, file cabinets and accessories has led Gamadecor to complete the Ciclo series with 40 new shining lacquer and matte finishes so that users and professionals are offered the possibility to fully customize their bathroom spaces.

With the aim of achieving perfect results in this round-lined compact furniture collection, lacquer is used on every flat surface and edge, previously round, in order to get practically unnoticeable joints and a high resistance for the edges and high resistance to knocks as well.

The shining lacquer as well as the matte finish go through a 4-layer priming and lacquer, resulting in a strong adherence to the base board and in a wide thickness. As a matter of fact, the new lacquer finishes show a diamond look avoiding the superficial lines thanks to the lacquer composition.

In addition to that, and as far as a shining lacquer finish is concerned, an after-polish which gets the highest possible level of reflection is used: 100 gloss. Thus, it shows an illuminated radiant surface which provides the Ciclo furniture with a refined and unique appearance.

Another possibility to customize the Ciclo bathroom furniture collection is the one of combining the chests of drawers with any kind of countertop, from the same metal sheet finish or lacquer, marble or Krion® solid surface, opting for the basin in the catalogue or a different one, including the integrated Krion® basin.

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