Four colour nuances offered by natural marble

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Four colour nuances offered by natural marble
Tuesday, June 12, 2018Description :

One of the current trends in architecture and interior design is based on enhancing the use of natural materials. One example of this is marble, which gives highly-sophisticated spaces voluptuousness and elegance.

L’Antic Colonial keeps the hardness and shine of this natural stone in interiors and exteriors alike. The different marble alternatives collected here may provide a source of inspiration to those spaces which seek to speak a language of their own. Colour tones coming from quarries from all over the world. Age-old stone.

White marble, the home of Renaissance

Persian White, Blanco Carrara and Arctic White

The Persian White, Blanco Carrara and Arctic White models give the interior spaces higher brightness. The large capacity for them to blend in with other materials, such as the metallic finishes (bronze or titanium), make them suitable for floor tiles, wall tiles and countertops in interiors or exterior walls providing that they have a Classico finish. Their versatility makes it possible to join several elements together and create uniform compositions in different styles.

Beige marble, classical warmth
Kayak Beige, Crema Grecia and Nairobi Crema

Marble in a cream colour provides projects with brightness and warmth. We are dealing with the most traditional option as far as marble is concerned. A classical tone which blends in excellently with black for the interior design.

Grey marble, subtle avant-garde movement
Nairobi Grey

Grey marble represents this material subtlety, as well as the balance required to create avant-garde spaces. Modern-day design full of minimal essence.

Black marble, sobriety with character
Habana Dark and Caspian Grey

The strong veining in the Habana Dark and Caspian Grey models give the spaces character and solidity, thus becoming real focal points. Sobriety with character.

Cut to size. Customised cut (Express yourself)
L’Antic Colonial strengthens its value with the customised cut or cut to size in the natural stone collections. An option which allows for projects to be customised with the exact sizes required for each of them. A service with a Premium character.

Protection and waterproofing with the BIOPROT technology
The PORCELANOSA Grupo banks on technological innovation in all of its production processes and takes care of its product’s natural resources in very precise detail.

The natural stones from the PORCELANOSA Grupo undergo a waterproofing system which improves the features of the material. To the layer applied on the usable surface, the same process is added, like on the rest of the sides which undergo the L’Antic Colonial production line. In this way, all of the piece sides and its lower part have the same features as the surface side.

This evolution avoids any possible external agent attack, such as glue, cement, ground damp or humidity when it comes to the installation and a posteriori.

BIOPROT technology which keeps and respects the natural beauty.

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