Five essential kitchens from the PORCELANOSA Grupo for this summer

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Five essential kitchens from the PORCELANOSA Grupo for this summer
Monday, June 25, 2018Description :

The PORCELANOSA Grupo summer kitchens have been designed as spaces of life that invite coexistence, following all the culinary ritual steps without haste, schedules or demands. Excitement as a food supplement. A result that is achieved through the materials and designs from the different firms from the group.

These five designs want to serve as inspiration to achieve the perfect kitchen. Functional, real and cutting-edge. Live design

TIP 1: Floor tiles which withstand everything
One of the most important decisions when designing a kitchen is to opt for an unalterable floor tile for those daily demands. Being the most trampled on floor in the house, the positive thing is to incorporate a vinyl material like Linkfloor from L’Antic Colonial. The Linkfloor Oak collection has a natural finish that simulates the surface of natural wood. Its finish is resistant to water, moisture and high traffic.

TIP 2: Fine wood furniture
One of the biggest mistakes made when designing this room is opting for low quality kitchen furniture. This furniture, which tends to be near damp places, tends to get ruined easily. However, fine materials resist all kinds of weather conditions and everyday knocks as well.

As an innovation, Gamadecor presents its new E7 Roble Negro kitchen. This kitchen is done in a Black Oak finish with rustified wood. It presents unique details like built-in hobs on the countertop, made from the transformation of XLIGHT LIEM Silk, which acts as a cooking area and a studied hidden door system that allows for the kitchen to be integrated into the living room or into the dining room. Two solutions that help the kitchen to be clean and tidy all the time.

TIP 3: Kitchens open to the outside
If there is something that characterises summer houses then it is the landscape surrounding them. We are dealing with a resource which must be taken inside the house, along with architecture which includes large windows. By counting on them, it is possible to enjoy the best view from the kitchen so that one can admire pure nature.

Similarly, the kitchen can be connected with a terrace, a patio or a garden. Therefore, the outside turns into the kitchen office. In order for both areas to be perfectly integrated, it is advisable to make use of the same flooring inside and outside alike. This solution can be found with CORE by Urbatek. A collection which truly reproduces the cement textures with the advantages of the through-body porcelain. This design stands out because of the wide range and the richness in the patterns of the pieces which in turn, create wide and highly-resistant surfaces.

TIP 4: The warmth of the wood
Wood undoubtedly plays a leading role in the kitchens, in a different way to conventional style, though. Apart from the darker and more sophisticated tones that the E7 Roble Negro kitchen presents, one can also find new uses for the wood. One of them would be to tile the front of the kitchen.

For its part, Starwood presents the Tanzania Almond, a wood-effect ceramic piece which conveys the warmth of this material along with the resistance and durability of the ceramic.

TIP 5: Worktops

An element which plays a major role in the kitchen is the worktop. The space where the action takes place. It is for this reason why the Krion™ Solid Surface mineral compact assumes great importance. Its characteristics being: zero porosity, highly resistant, easy to maintain and clean; make it become one of the most in-demand integral solutions for these types of spaces.

The same ones where the terrazzo dominates, specifically, the Terrazo in the Bianco Classico T101 colour. Its big black particles on a white background are full of fragments in different white tones which create a visual effect which is very similar to marble.

Compared to the original terrazzo, the terrazzo in the Bianco Classico T101 colour assumes the general properties of Krion™ such as the flexion (highly resistant to impacts), zero porosity, as well as providing invisible joints and the ease of thermoforming.

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