Emotions® by Gamadecor: finishes which adapt to the most modern kitchens

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Emotions® by Gamadecor: finishes which adapt to the most modern kitchens
Wednesday, December 3, 2014Description :

Always following the latest trends in kitchen decoration, Gamadecor has created the Emotions® collection of kitchens, with a carefully considered palette of finishes designed to make these practical kitchens a solution capable of adapting to all types of styles and needs. Thus, Gamadecor offers the possibility of choosing between seven types of finishes for the different models of Emotions® kitchens: Smooth or Textured Laminates, Shining or Matte Stratification, Matte or Shining Lacquer, and Sheets of Natural Wood.

More resistant laminates with laser technology

Gamadecor uses laser technology for the edgings of the panels with Laminated finishes, achieving a stronger, more durable join, which is barely visible. Within the Laminates, there are two possible finishes: Smooth, where the panel is covered with a melamine laminate of a homogenous colour and smooth finish; or Textured, in which the laminate covering the panel can present a uniform colour or emulate a wooden surface, reproducing the characteristic texture with great realism, thanks to ?synchronised pore scanning? technology.

High shine stratification and matte finishes with anti-mark surfaces
The stratification of the Emotions® kitchens uses high precision laminates which ensure an excellent performance and durability, with the option of a high shine (Glass) or matte (Ghost) finish. The Glass finish presents a shining stratified surface, which has been extended more to avoid the effect of waves on the surface; while the Ghost finish offers a matte appearance, obtained through an advanced process which uses nanotechnology, and which provides an anti-mark, self-repairing finish, which repels grease and oils.

Laquers with anti-scratch durability
The Lacquers are created around the whole surface and rounded edges to achieve perfection in the joins and an excellent resistance to impacts. Both the Shining and the Matte Lacquer are subjected to four layers of priming and lacquer to achieve a strong adhesion to the base plate and great thickness. As a result, the Emotions® Lacquer finishes offer a diamond effect which avoids superficial scratches thanks to the composition of the lacquer. In the Shining Lacquer, a polish is applied to achieve maximum reflection (100 gloss).

Specially selected Natural Wood

The most natural finishes are obtained, covering the panels with layers of specially selected natural wood, which has a grained appearance and which, later, is varnished and hand painted. The edges are made with strips of natural wood of 2mm thickness with the same finish, and joined to the edge with PUR adhesive, an adhesive which offers a great durability, is waterproof and heat resistant up to 150oC.

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