Dematerialised architecture through Krion® in a house in Majorca

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Dematerialised architecture through Krion® in a house in Majorca
Tuesday, January 2, 2018Description :

Blended in with the environment, the house is divided into two main parts which are separated by a central water axis. For this purpose, Lendle opted for the installation of a pool with overflow and an additional water surface, which reminds us of an extended marine themed tongue which opens out to the sea.

Additionally, in order to have the building dematerialised to the max, façades which are fully glazed with floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors have been opted for, as well as the Krion® Solid Surface mineral compact. A material of mineral composition which reflects the light and enhances the colours of the landscape through the pure white finish.

The façade includes large-sized eaves manufactured with Krion®, which is anchored by the K-FIX building system from Butech. Firstly, they have been installed to enhance the house design, and secondly, to save some energy, since the ventilated façade of Krion® is provided with cutting-edge technology for a sustainable efficient use of natural resources. Architectural criterion which envelops the whole house through two heat pumps, solar energy and geothermal energy.

It is worth highlighting the engineering work carried out by Butech’s technical office, as well as the quality of assembly from the PORCELANOSA Grupo staff who managed to get the perfect façade installation and top-quality finishes.

In technical terms, the architect banked on the use of the Krion® acrylic stone because of its outstanding properties, such as durability and resistance over the years. This state-of-the-art material can remain unaffected regardless of sudden temperature changes, extreme heat and humidity, whilst maintaining its soft touch and unique matt finish.

In light of the versatility and endless possibilities, the Jle architecture studio also included the Snow White 1100 model by Krion® in other interior elements items, such as: the kitchen worktop, the bathroom countertop, the kitchen auxiliary furniture, towel rails, clothes racks, flush buttons and the plug socket frames. We are dealing with items which stand out because of their original refined shapes achieved thanks to the thermoforming properties by Krion®.

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