Customise your backsplash: functional and aesthetically stylish kitchens

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Customise your backsplash: functional and aesthetically stylish kitchens
Wednesday, January 13, 2016Description :

The Kitchen is one of those spaces where we can spend most of our time. This is the reason why the kitchen must be arranged as both a functional and practical space as well as comfortable and cosy inside the home.

In addition to an exclusive elegant beauty, in line with the integral design of the house, this space must be fitted with a high-quality and top performance kitchen furniture, mostly in the most demanding of spaces, for instance, the backsplash. PORCELANOSA Grupo proposes several of its most exclusive materials, so that this space in the kitchen, which delimits the workplace and protects the cooking and water areas, is not only sophisticated and original, but also resistant and long-lasting.

Uniqueness in your backsplash by means of decorated mosaics and ceramics
If the aim is for nobody to feel indifferent, a mosaic may be a very refined modern option to tile the backsplash in your kitchen. There are mosaic models with great style and personality in ceramics, natural stone, glass or metal; also ceramic models decorated as Nacaré and Deco Nacaré by Venis, which are ideal for impressing. In more sober and sumptuous-styled ceramics, one can find other series of ceramic wall tiles, for instance, the Glasgow Silver by Porcelanosa. Apart from providing its excellent refined gloss finish, the porcelain tile is in the spotlight, without compromising its quality, low-maintenance and easy-to-clean properties.

Mosaics also turn out to be suitable and exclusive for tiling the backsplash in the hydraulic tiles, such as the Barcelona collection by Porcelanosa, or the cutting edge options that Venis offers in its Island series or the Zoe collection.

Retro-vintage tour in the past by means of the ceramics with volume

L’Antic Colonial takes us to the past throughout its retro-vintage look in the ceramic wall tiles with volume. The Retro Blanco collection, in the 10x20cm format, is not only able to provide the backsplash with a very classic touch, but also makes it shine with its own light thanks to its gloss look and hygienic white colour.

XLight. The extra-slim porcelain tile which provides an easy installation
The latest designs that PORCELANOSA Grupo carries out in order to tile the kitchen backsplash with style and personality, is the extra-slim porcelain tile by Urbatek. With a high number of finishes, XLight turns out to be a highly resistant and long-lasting alternative, and is presented as a wall tile with easy-installation properties. This extra-slim porcelain tile can be laid over the wall tile installed beforehand and it is worth mentioning that the installation can be done without compromising the space capacity thanks to its minimum thickness. Urbatek offers its XLight series with the aim of customising and providing the backsplashes with quality, but some of its collections do stand out, such as the Nox collection and its weathered metal finish.

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