Cersaie 2017: the infinite possibilities of Krion® by Systempool

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Cersaie 2017: the infinite possibilities of Krion® by Systempool
Thursday, June 29, 2017Description :

The malleability and flexibility of the Krion® Solid Surface compact mineral are present at the Bologna Fair with the aim of inspiring architects and designers, new trend enthusiasts and innovative materials. Systempool, a company from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, presents its new products at Cersaie with a wide range of designs made with the Krion® acrylic stone, perfect for creating atmospheres that look for a marked contemporary and cutting-edge style.

Pure by Yonoh
The Yonoh studio has designed a bathroom collection whose origin lies in the purity of water: Pure. A design that delicately combines organic shapes with geometric and rectilinear elements, therefore creating in this way a functional, creative and ground-breaking set in which each of its lines and volumes intersect; designing a fluid and functional collection.

A compact design, capable of being moulded according to the needs of each situation and one that fuses different types of materials that the Krion® basins present. The main and most distinguishable element of the collection because of the pure and infinite shapes.

Pure offers a wide range of possibilities, since this collection includes the possibility of a freestanding bowl, an integrated double bowl, as well as a basin with a pedestal. Similarly, regarding bathroom furniture, Pure has elements that combine open and closed storage to suit the size and the functional needs of each bathroom.

Pure joins different finishes together, which really highlights its look. On the one hand, we find noble natural wood for furniture in oak, white ash and walnut; and on the other hand, finishes and black and copper metallic complements contrasting with the purity of the Krion® compact mineral, the material used to make bowls, worktops, bathtubs, as well as various auxiliary elements.

Line shower tray
Another of the outstanding products from Krion® in Cersaie 2017 is the Line shower tray. A clean line design that, thanks to its high quality mineral composition that provides excellent mechanical characteristics and the Krion wall tile, it denotes a soft and warm touch. In addition, the flexibility of this material, both in length and width can be customised according to each project, offering a choice of options between a length of 75cm to 210cm, and a width of 70cm to 100cm.

The Line shower tray also has decorative panels for tiling the walls, which maintains visual continuity and it provides an effect of spaciousness to the bathroom space.

Terrazzo Series

The Terrazzo Series gives its name to the Krion® collection, which recalls the aesthetic of this traditional material and its re-use technique. An element that began to be used in the middle of the 15th century in Venice as a building material and which is composed of leftover pieces of natural stone such as marble mixed with cement.

The advantages offered by Krion® against the original terrazzo is that the former has the properties of this compact mineral such as the possibility of regenerating the surface to be repaired, the null porosity or its flexibility. It also has the possibility of making imperceptible joints thanks to its easy transformation, as well as its smaller thickness; since the Krion® sheets are 12mm instead of the 20mm thickness of the original terrazzo.

In the development of this new collection, great care has been taken to create a refined aesthetic, thus favouring the combination with other trendy materials such as metal or natural wood. Likewise, special emphasis has been placed on the re-use of the material used in the process of creating the original design, which is obtained from the productive cycle itself.

Terrazzo models
Bianco Classico: Krion®with big black particles on a white background, full of little pieces with different white tones, transparent, with a style evoking marble.
Marmo Bianco: Krion® with a base in a cream colour, grey and brown fragments and golden glitter splinters.
Grafite Classico: Krion® on a black matt background with thousands of particles in different sizes and the whitish and amber-coloured shades.
Pietra: Krion® with the base in grey with white, grey and brown particles.
Concrete: Krion® with the base in grey with white and grey particles, stone, leather and amber shades.

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