Cersaie 2016: innovations by Butech for distinctive authentic projects

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Cersaie 2016: innovations by Butech for distinctive authentic projects
Thursday, October 6, 2016Description :

Butech keeps on reinventing its building systems and brings several of its latest revolutionary innovations to Cersaie.

In order to meet the needs of modern-day architecture and interior designs, the firm, PORCELANOSA Grupo, has presented Micro-Stuk Design at the Bologna Exhibition Fair. A new continuous high-performance wall tile which highlights the decorative value of the projects. Micro-Stuk Design is available in five colours: White, Beige, Moka, Grey and Cement, as well as in two finishes: Nature, which is classical and elegant; and Fine, more stylish and open to more creative options.

An innovative building solution whose distinctive feature lies in its perfect combination with ceramic wall tiles, thus, it can be installed almost any space, including interiors, exteriors and wet areas, even in direct contact with water, such as in shower cubicles.

Some of the other latest news by Butech at Cersaie has been the new pro-part Crystal decorative profile collection, interior-design oriented as an excellent alternative to the corner finishes and transition among materials. Manufactured with Swarovski crystals, pro-part Crystal is divided into two series according to its chromatic range: rock amber and rock Sapphire, both of them providing the wall tiles with exclusivity. On one hand, the former is presented with a warm touch inspired by the northern amber, whilst on the other hand, the latter is bluish, aimed at subtler minimalist projects.

Furthermore, Butech, at Cersaie, has offered a new building solution for the bathroom design: the cutting-edge Shower Deck shower tray. It is a system essentially designed to facilitate the construction of shower trays by means of ceramic flooring. This design consists of the installation of the PAR-KER ceramic wood, with no need for building steps or gradients which limit the use of the shower. Furthermore, it has an innovative water removal system, since the water seeps through the joints among the tiles, hiding the mesh strainer and simplifying the design. A unique solution for modern bathrooms.

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