Ceramic textures imitating wood: both quality and warmth in design

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Ceramic textures imitating wood: both quality and warmth in design
Tuesday, June 21, 2016Description :

Wood is a material that makes you think about the origin. Its natural origin and authenticity turn it into something warm, authentic, which is able to enhance the feeling of relaxation and well-being in any interior room.

Both its fineness and purity, however, mean that it is not possible for us to enjoy it in certain parts of the house, or in an exterior space which is exposed to adverse weather conditions.

With the aim of a wider use in any area of the house, PORCELANOSA Grupo offers a wide range of wood-inspired ceramic floor tiles and wall tiles. The faithful aesthetic reproduction of its finishes makes it become a strong alternative for the contemporary interior design, thus providing elegance and high quality by means of the technical features which the ceramic material entails.

Natural-inspired ceramic floor tiles
With regard to the flooring designs, the Porcelanosa firm offers several series of ceramic parquet: PAR-KER, imitating natural wood. Each of them have their features, as well as a wide range of tones and finishes, which not only reproduce the authentic touch of wood, but are also able to meet any design and style. Both the Chelsea and London collections bring together designs with tones ranging from darker to lighter ones, and also including fine designs in grey; the same as the Chester, Ascot, Oxford and Little Oxford models.

Britania and Amsterdam, on the other hand, focus on clear subtle options by PAR-KER , which result in being ideal for a Nordic interior style which reminds us of the authenticity of the mountains.

In contrast, one can find Casona and Moy, which are two series of ceramic parquet in dark colours oriented to a more classical rustic style, without compromising some touches of glamour.

With regard to formats, the flooring in PAR-KER by Porcelanosa varies from 14.3x90cm (Moy, Oxford, Chester and Amsterdam) to 29,4×180 cm (Chelsea).

Ceramic wall tiles with warm authentic textures
The Porcelanosa firm has created various textures in wood-inspired ceramic wall tiles in the 31,6×90 cm. format. Ranging from the fine geometrical game of the Taco Oxford series, by means of a vigorous set of cubes, to the monoporous rectified Chester Line wall tiles, which provide the walls with a lively rhythm of horizontal composition.

Similarly, the collections of Chelsea wood strips and Oxford’s are shown, which thanks to their wood-strip appearance, turn any interior space into a unique place.

On the other hand, Porcelanosa, willing to show elegance and exclusivity, offers the Forest Chelsea wood-appearance collection. It stands out because of its hexagonal-shaped pieces, which apart from being presented in a wood finish, allows for more different tones, such as the Forest Silver version or both the Forest Carrara Blanco and the Forest Marmi China in white colours.

All the designs regarding both ceramic floor and wall tiles by Porcelanosa ensure both high quality and durability, as well as high versatility and adaptation in spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. Because of their low porosity, they are resistant to humidity, and at the same time and regarding floor tiles, they have anti-slip properties.

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