Bathroom Rituals by Noken: a bathroom concept for every person and culture

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Bathroom Rituals by Noken: a bathroom concept for every person and culture
Thursday, March 30, 2017Description :

Travelling in pursuit of the essence of a bathroom is to discover the fact that there is not a specific way to interact with water. A unique definitive bathroom just does not exist, but on the contrary, the most purely experiential concept of a bathroom is different in each culture, city and home. It depends specifically on each person.

Getting into the experience of relaxation and comfort offered by contemporary bathrooms involves having knowledge about that pleasant feeling of well-being. We need to know how that bathroom experience can suit everyone’s needs, their ideal bathroom rituals, in pursuit of those soothing personal moments.

The bathroom is that space where users find their own space and seek to reinvent themselves through the water. It is an atmosphere where one can have relaxing moments and find their deepest selves. This is the reason why Noken, the bathroom equipment firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, works on the design and quality of its bathroom products, so that everyone has a unique, innovative and sustainable bathroom. Noken, by means of its advanced equipment, high-technology and opting for sustainability, achieves in offering innovative designs which suit every culture, person, and bathroom ritual, always with the utmost safety in mind.

Currently, the bathroom plays a major role at home. It has become that experiential space needed to escape to from daily routines, and moreover, it is able to revitalise the body and the soul. Everyone needs their own space to be arranged, and precisely, in order to cover that lack of customised space, Noken designs the reality through modern bathroom spaces which are capable of thoroughly adapting to any state, situation and experience.

Noken is already looking at the bathroom of the future, and does so by defining the room of the future, technological, avant-garde design, excellently arranged and designed, customised and covering all our needs. Done by Noken, the bathroom plays a major role at home and is offered as a crucial space where we live unique experiences.

Room Experience by Noken

This new bathroom concept which Noken is focused on, already had a particularly important role to play at the 24th PORCELANOSA Grupo International Exhibition. In its showroom, the firm presented a ?Room Experience?, an experience space, through which one can understand the new bathroom concept and the different Bathroom Rituals. An experience which impressed professionals and visitors because of its originality, along with the multi-sensory touch of the experience.

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