Authenticity and personality in laminated flooring

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Authenticity and personality in laminated flooring
Monday, November 30, 2015Description :

Both the genuine character and the authenticity of natural wood have been a source of inspiration for the new laminated flooring collection by the PORCELANOSA Grupo firm, L’Antic Colonial.

The laminated flooring Genuine collection takes the purity of natural materials as the benchmark by means of its decorative film; the finish is both fine and perfect thanks to the high quality that their raw materials provide.

As far as its design is concerned, the Genuine series takes a step forward towards being avant-garde, standing out not only because of shade variations between the slats, but also because of the irregularity of the material. The main goal of this aesthetic combination turns out to be the achievement of an innovative laminate flooring which is inspired by the parquet floors, but with both the wide-ranging performance and high quality that the laminated floor offers.

Thanks to its aesthetics and high resistance, the Genuine collection becomes the best choice in order to achieve a touch of distinction in modern spaces. The slats of this laminated flooring are bevelled on the four sides, thus, highlighting its format (19x 125,7x 0,8 cm) and providing it with both personality and character.

The Genuine collection by L’Antic Colonial includes three models of laminated flooring: the AC4 Genuine 1L Mojave, based on light pure tones; the AC4 Genuine 1L Sonoran, based on a slightly darker and weathered finish; and the AC4 Genuine 1L Great Basin, with a wooden appearance in greyish colours.

Apart from being ideal for its inclusion in private high-traffic places, the laminated flooring of the Genuine collection has a high resistance to abrasion and can be installed directly on top of underfloor heating. Its installation is carried out by means of the Lock binder system, which ensures an quick and easy laying as well as a removal of slits among the slats, thus, remaining intact and perfect throughout its working life.

Because of its distinction and uniqueness, the most ?genuine? laminated flooring by L’Antic Colonial turns out to be a modern and at the same time a naturalist option, which results in it being ideal when achieving warm and incredibly cosy spaces.

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