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ACCENT SPACES | LED technology accent lighting
Wednesday, June 21, 2017Description :

Lighting plays a key role in architecture and interior design, an indispensable ingredient for providing personality, amplifying spaces, or accentuating the role of certain elements over others.

Both in its natural and artificial versions, lighting enriches any space and more so if it has been designed to highlight feelings, textures and volumes. Its capacity to multiply experiences is made even more evident thanks to cutting-edge technology such as LED, and its application in architectural solutions for interior design.

The PORCELANOSA Grupo, in its commitment to providing solutions to the world of architecture has developed new technological applications which expand the possibilities for interior design and decoration. The LED lighting trend is ideal for giving privacy and tranquility to spaces, as well as illuminating dark corners where natural light does not reach, and above all, drawing attention to furniture, atmospheres and even decorative details.

Accent lighting. LED technology: a window to sensations
With the clear purpose of creating attraction, accentuated lighting alters the light to generate contrasts and create visual interest in certain areas or objects, chasing the hierarchy of a space and guiding one’s gaze to an interior journey.

The result is the chiaroscuro and harsh shadows, capable of tapping into the spaces that should be highlighted.

The PORCELANOSA Grupo has opted for LED lighting in some of its product designs, such as LED taps, LED chromotherapy showerheads or Pro-Light profiles, as well as the application of the compact mineral KRION® Solid Surface in its backlit version.

One of the main differential values in this firm’s solutions is its integration into avant-garde designs that take care of the technology application to frame it into a highly aesthetic experience. In this way, it is integrated into a comprehensive design concept in a natural way.

Pro-Light profiles and Pro-Skirting bases: visual tours done by Butech
While searching for cutting-edge interiors, the firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, a specialist in building systems, has developed pro-Light, high quality built in profiles made of anodised aluminium and are specially designed for being placed on wall tiles, and Pro-Skirting, bases placed at a 60 mm height that incorporates a longitudinal channel for the insertion of a led lighting strip.

These elements create amazing optical effects. Volumes, attention to detail or floating designs are just some of the possibilities offered by pro-Light and pro-skirting LED.

Urban-c Light LED Taps
Noken, the specialised company in bathroom equipment from the PORCELANOSA Grupo incorporates in its wide range of basin taps the Urban-c Light model, taps which incorporate light in the water outlet, which simulates a waterfall. In addition to having a unique design, its lighting capacity includes an innovative system which lets the user see what the water temperature is by using a red and blue led light, which varies depending on the water temperature.

Wellness showerheads with chromotherapy: showers with colour
The latest technology in bathrooms focuses on enriching everyday moments. Under this premise, Wellness showerheads by Noken have been created, a further step in shower design which include functions like chromotherapy in its showerheads.

The Spa Wellness Showers and Seasons showerhead models allow for the different sensations transmitted by each of the chromatic tones to be blended, with different water outlets, such as: rain, column and waterfall. The objective is to create a set of emotions which join the benefits of chromotherapy and hydrotherapy.

KRION® LUX: the backlit Solid Surface
Finally, one of the most cutting-edge innovations from this firm has been the KRION® tecnology in its back-lit version: KRION® LUX. The fusion between the Solid Surface material and LED lighting has created one of the most cutting-edge decorative designs of today. The thickness and purity of the material, thanks to its high mineral composition, allows for it to be passed through the light and so, it is possible to project all kinds of designs and colours without losing its aesthetic feature, namely ?total white?.

Accent light for the retail sector
One of the sectors where more emphasis has been placed on accent lighting is the retail sector. Shops, restaurants and hotels, are some of the spaces in which it is fundamental to define the focus of attention through light.

Firstly, light improves the experience in a contract space, and besides, it allows for the exposed products which guide the consumer on a tour through the commercial premises to be highlighted.

LED solutions, such as pro-light and pro-skirting for embellishing walls and floors, as well as the use of KRION® LUX in a backlit way, will be the perfect allies to accompany the objectives of a sector such as contract. Businesses that demand avant-garde design and materials for decoration can reinforce the user experience in contact with their brand.

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