A washbasin for each bathroom? Thanks to Noken, it is possible

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A washbasin for each bathroom? Thanks to Noken, it is possible
Monday, May 11, 2015Description :

The everyday use of the bathroom has made it into one of the most important rooms in houses, hotels, restaurants, shops and all kind of premises, since ideal bathroom equipment is a must for the user’s comfort.

According to Noken, and in order to shape a bathroom as comfortable and practical as possible, it’s essential to achieve a good arrangement bearing in mind the user’s necessities and the space dimensions. All without compromising the aesthetic quality of the arrangement, which is the key to defining the character of the bathroom.

Hence, Noken offers basins which adapt themselves to bathrooms of any kind, ranging from family and hotel spaces to small-sized guest bathrooms. This ability to adapt to any kind of bathroom is possible thanks to the numerous installation options and available sizes, which allow you to choose from different models in order to make the most of each bathroom space. Thus, the wide range of the Noken ceramic basins is complete with the following models: countertop, recessed, under countertop, wall hung and floor standing.

The countertop basins are a popular choice in all of the different models, ranging from the oval, square, rectangular or round ones. If giving the basin a unique place in the bathroom is a must, the timeless lines of the Forma collection and the architectural elegance of the Lounge design by Simone Micheli are the ideal models.

With regard to public spaces and the hotel industry, more restrained models are preferred, since they are able to fit into environments with a wide range of styles. A good illustration of this are the recessed basins, with the suggestive lines of the Forma design, or the original Neox, design, and the undercountertop basins , such as the ones that include the Sotto programme, which are the most sought-after thanks to their practical design that allows easy-cleaning.

On the other hand, the wall hung basins do not need a countertop when installed, since they are fitted directly on the wall, and if needed, the option of a frame is available. Evidence of this can be seen with the modern designs of the NK Concepts and Hotels collections, which have a very useful countertop area without compromising their elegance.

In those cases where a unique touch and importance are desired, the floor-standing basins are the right choice, with eye-catching ceramic pieces, as we can see in the Imagine series.

Finally, for shared-bathrooms where space is not an issue, the most practical option are the double washbasins, with a wide selection of designs, ranging from the minimalist City and Jam, to the classical-styled Imagine or the stylised Bela.

Choose the model and installation which best fit your bathroom so that you can both enjoy, and make the most of this everyday space.

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