A fusion of materials in ceramic designs by Porcelanosa

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A fusion of materials in ceramic designs by Porcelanosa
Tuesday, February 14, 2017Description :

We start by dealing with the news regarding architecture and interior design from the 24th edition of the Global Architecture and Interior Design Exhibition by the PORCELANOSA Grupo.

This time, Porcelanosa focuses on the combination of materials, therefore achieving unique results in its new ceramic flooring. The firm combines different textures in a single design, and so, it obtains the creation of highly-elegant and exclusive cutting-edge pieces.

One of the other developments that Porcelanosa has worked on is the format expansion in its collections. A way of increasing its ceramic series versatility and adaptability, and so, meeting the demands of any architecture project.

Bolonia and Viena: a tour across the most enchanting cities in Europe
Bolonia and Viena are the two new collections presented by Porcelanosa at the 24th edition of the Exhibition.

Bolonia is a perfect ceramic combination between stone and wood. For the design of this new collection, Porcelanosa has opted for two of the finest materials provided by nature. A fusion between oak, which inspires the PAR-KER Manhattan ceramic parquet collection and the pieces emulating the Belgian blue stone. Both have been arranged in a square format and are perfectly interconnected, and whose result is available in 80x80cm and 59,6×59,6cm in the matt finish.

Regarding the colour choices, the Bolonia collection by Porcelanosa is available in two different models: Bolonia Colonial and Bolonia Cognac. On one hand, Bolonia Colonial makes use of a deep brown ceramic wood and the Belgian blue stone with shades of grey, whilst on the other hand, Bolonia Cognac shows its aesthetical blend of ash-coloured wood and the Belgian blue stone with excellent shades of metal.

Because of the resistance and high quality offered by the ceramic parquet from Porcelanosa, Bolonia is the ideal collection for any flooring, including the high-traffic projects as well.

Viena, the second of the collections presented by Porcelanosa, is between the classical inspiration and the most splendid timelessness. As with Bolonia, Viena is based on the ceramic parquet Manhattan collection. A ceramic parquet which has been slat-shaped designed and in a herringbone pattern, therefore, achieving a highly cutting-edge feel that adapts to every style, along with past and present times. The objective is to get the distinctive allure of the most classical stately French parquets, through four models with different finishes: Viena Colonial, Viena Cognac, Viena Natural and Viena Fresno, in white. With regard to the formats, this new ceramic parquet is available in 80x80cm and 59,6×59,6cm, depending on the space requirements.

Different shapes and sizes in these new ceramic designs, which together with an original arrangement, achieve a vintage finish.

Check them out at the 24th PORCELANOSA Grupo Exhibition, until February 17th.

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