Windc 3D 5.0 by Layher, the first scaffolding software

Windc 3D 5.0 by Layher, the first scaffolding software
Friday, October 7, 2016

Description :

With 50 new features added to this version 5.0, Windc 3D by AYHER is now the only software integrating all scaffolding automations, with scale and load shedding, realistic 3D, BIM, Stock, quotes and management of construction site checks.

Available on request from LAYHER, the new Windec 3D software is the subject of an extensive demonstration program for professionals in each region of France.

In 1996, LAYHER launched Windec, the first automatic scaffolding configurator. This already allowed to list the materials, to obtain 3D views and to print plans.

20 years later and 4 major versions in the world of scaffolding later, LAYHER innovates again today with version 5.0 of its software.
This 5th generation, which required 8 months of development, has the ambition to become the software of scaffolding by providing companies with a tool to help them master all their activities: commercial, Technical, logistics and security.


Meeting the current needs of companies while retaining the ease and simplicity of using Windec 3D, this is the objective that animated the development of version 5.0.

To meet these requirements, no less than 50 innovations have been integrated: new scaffolds, more ergonomic interfaces, new applications and functionalities, innovative tools and aids to ensure the safety of work sites and their monitoring, extended compatibility with many professional software Especially for a BIM operation and interaction with the latest CAD tools on the market.

Overview of the main innovations:
More ergonomics: clearer and more readable, the graphic interface of Windec 3D proposes new functionalities allowing to have complete information on the sites, available immediately on the dedicated application.

More security: via a security application LAYHER accessible on smartphone, a tag (QR Code or NFC) present on the scaffolding mounted on the site allows all persons empowered to access an automatic safety register. All the checks are memorized instantly to ensure a true tracking of the site.

More opening: Windec 3D version 5.0 integrates the main software used by companies (Sketchup, AutoCAD) and is compatible with other software (Revit, Draft-Sight ...).

The complete product library is available as well as the scaffolding design toolbox developed by LAYHER. The free Sketchup version is integrated and enhanced with an innovative "Magnetic Cube": pedestals, posts, vertical uprights, floor supports, railings ... are designed with a single click at each point of attachment.

More control: thanks to the stock management of Windec 3D, the state of the equipment park is up to date, thus allowing a better organization for the next construction sites.

In addition, the software optimizes the hardware outputs, taking into account the maximum quantities required for each phase of a construction site.
More time saved: in addition to an integrated excel spreadsheet to automatically realize product counts and manage inventory easily, the new version of Windec 3D also offers an unprecedented tool for calculating descent loads. Suitable for all CAD tools, it is possible to obtain immediately the calculation of the weight of the parts attached to each post taking into account automatically the proposed weight and the weight due to the operating overhead.

In a few seconds, it is thus possible to verify that the scaffolding does not exceed the load limit of the posts, whatever the configuration.

More scaffolding: the new version of Windec 3D includes of course all new LAYHER solutions such as Scenes or Couvralu sheeted umbrella.

Among the 50 new features, Windec 3D 5.0 ??also offers: automatic editing of the overload panel, importing the address book in excel format, access to safety regulations, recommendations on mounting / removing scaffolding, LAYHER ...

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