The Building Information Model (BIM) at the service of Nantes Métropole Habitat

The Building Information Model (BIM) at the service of Nantes Métropole Habitat
Tuesday, October 4, 2016

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The power of the Building Information Model (BIM) is expressed in one of the latest construction projects carried out by Nantes Métropole Habitat. As part of a program to build an original 14-unit building on rue d'Espagne, the city's largest social landlord relied on the digital expertise of the manufacturer Idéfia and the industrialist Nicoll for To overcome the many constraints imposed by the originality of the building and constructive methods.

Dense urban context, narrow street, tight timing, modular staggered housing imposing numerous deviations, few technical ducts ...: the Nantes construction site imposed a particular design response that only the method of the BIM was able to bring.
By synthesizing all the information on the same tool, the BIM promotes collaboration between the stakeholders of a construction site and the reduction of delays.

"This methodology has been instrumental in the project's technical and economic success," said Stan Pirat, Technical Manager, "Enabling immediate access to information, extreme precision of plans and a measurement that evolves over the course of the design. Of the project at Nicoll. The Choleta company has thus delivered to Idéfia the complete, precise and costed outline of its unit wastewater disposal solution while adapting it as the project evolves.

As for project management, Teddy Poizat, technical director of Idéfia, is pleased to have been able, through this modeling and the technical cooperation put in place with the manufacturer, to break free from the constraints linked to a bias Architectural fort: "It is for its technical expertise as well as its level of commitment in the search for solutions that we got closer to the company Nicoll. "The combination of the BIM methodology and the Chutunic® Unit and Acoustic Evacuation range brought an optimal level of comfort and use. This digital design will also facilitate the evolution of the building and its maintenance.

By releasing many architectural constraints, the BIM is thus a powerful lever of creativity. Encouraging more collaborative ways of working together, this methodology is a great opportunity for industrialists such as Nicoll to express the many facets of their innovative capacity.

You said BIM?
The Building Information Model is a numerical building design methodology for modeling, analyzing and developing projects in real time. It is embodied in a digital model on which each player of the future site positions its solution.

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