The Knauf Thane range Façade, excellence in the service of Thermal Insulation from the outside

Sunday, October 9, 2016

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The market for insulation cladding and insulating cladding, estimated at 8.8 million m2 of installed solutions *, has a strong potential for development. Strengthened by this fact and as a partner of the facade makers, Knauf has developed high-performance solutions in new and refurbishment, allowing the exterior insulation of concrete walls, masonry of small elements, with a wide range of finishes : Knauf Thane Facade, dedicated to all buildings and Knauf Thane Facade MI, specially designed for individual houses, embody the Knauf expertise in the field of ITE.

Knauf Thane Facade and Knauf Thane Facade MI, an optimized range with insulating core of PIR type * for all types of buildings
With this range of insulation from the outside, Knauf once again demonstrates its ability to innovate and provide appropriate solutions.
The new Knauf Thane Façade and Knauf Thane Façade MI panels form a complete reference. They cover both buildings, both new and renovated, and they adapt to the vertical walls of concrete and masonry of small elements.

Benefiting from the thermal performance of PIR (* rigid polyurethane foam based on PIR) and high-quality facings, Knauf Thane Façade panels exhibit high thermal performances compared with low insulation thickness, Thermal insulation, excellent fire resistance (Euroclasse D-s2, d0 for Knauf Thane Façade) as well as speed and ease of implementation.

Knauf Thane Façade and Knauf Thane Façade MI guarantee the possibility of a wide range of finishes: facing wall with or without air blade, ventilated cladding fixed on a wooden or metal frame, Aquapanel® Outdoor cement board fixed on a frame and plaster support and finally cladding and cladding. What give free rein to all the cravings of facades!

Knauf Thane Facade, the requirement for collective dwellings and LES
Intended for all buildings, Knauf Thane Facade offers properties and characteristics such that it becomes the reference insulation for collective dwellings and ERP.

A rigid polyurethane foam core of PIR type allows Knauf Thane Facade to display a very good thickness to thermal resistance ratio. Characteristic that makes it perfectly suitable for new constructions and renovations, especially for ERP:
R = 4.35m2.K / W for 100 mm thickness.
Equipped with two embossed aluminum facings, Knauf Thane Façade offers excellent fire behavior, which is not inconsiderable for this type of establishment. It also has the ability to return heat by radiation, ie an emissivity of 0.2 (the best being 0, on a scale of 0 to 1).

Knauf Thane Façade is a true ally of the facade makers and is equally remarkable for its implementation on site. Thanks to the grooved edges, the assembling and holding of the panels is excellent. Its featherweight (4.5 kg for a 100 mm thick panel) and its 1,200 x 1,000 mm format considerably reduce on-site fatigue and speed of execution.
Knauf Thane Facade is available in 9 layers.

Dimensions: 1200 x 1000 mm overall
Compressive stress at 10% deformation *: 150 kPa mini
Reaction to fire *: Euroclass D-s2, d0 according to the classification report CSTB n ° RA14-0285
Thermal conductivity *: 0.024 or 0.023 W / (m.K) according to thickness
Emissivity (capacity of a material to be returned from heat by radiation): 0,2 according to NF EN 15976
Transmission of steam Z *: 45 to 200
* According to the ACERMI certificate n ° 15/007/1074
(*) Maximum thickness of 100 mm in any type of ventilated cladding, cladding or cladding and 240 mm with minimum Euroclass ventilated cladding A2-s3, d0 fixed on metal framework, according to Technical Instruction No 249 de 2010 and the opinion of CSTB No. AL14-145.

Knauf Thane MI facade, absolute comfort for single-family homes
Knauf Thane façade MI is the ideal insulation panel for renovation in busy environment, it allows to optimize the thicknesses of an ITE. Absolute comfort and an undeniable asset for the occupants who see the facade of their home renovated and their serenity preserved.

Also, the phenomenon of thermal phase shift allows an improvement of the comfort of life within the habitat, summer and winter. In summer, the low-emissivity surface of Knauf Thane Façade (0,1) returns heat and prevents temperature fluctuations during the summer season. Exceptional thermal performances also made possible by its use under wooden rafters fixed directly in the wall, thus battling the thermal bridges.
With an R = 3.70 m2.K / W for an optimized thickness of 85 mm, Knauf Thane Façade MI avoids the shrinkage and "embedding" of the windows after work and gives the Transition Tax Credit Energetics (ISCED).

On the construction site, Knauf Thane façade MI is exemplary with an easy and fast implementation thanks to the lightness of the panels (3.9 kg for a 1200 x 1000 x 85 mm panel). In addition, a grid siding ensures that the rafters of the rafters are located in the wall.
Like Knauf Thane Facade, Knauf Thane Facade MI is compatible with a wide range of finishes and available in 6 layers.

Dimensions: 1200 x 1000 mm overall
Compressive stress at 10% deformation *: 150 kPa mini
Grid: 100 x 100 mm
Thermal conductivity *: 0.023 W / (m.K)
Emissivity (capacity of a material to be returned from heat by radiation): 0.1 according to NF EN 15976
Transmission of steam Z *: 45 to 200
* According to ACERMI certificate n ° 05/007/388

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