The Balans shower column. Relaxing and multisensorial experiences

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The Balans shower column. Relaxing and multisensorial experiences
Wednesday, December 2, 2015Description :

PORCELANOSA Grupo’s firm, Systempool, evolves in order to offer the most technological avant-garde shower columns, highlighting, among others, the Balans shower column. The progress that Systempool is governed by when designing its modern shower columns is summed up by properties such as functionality, the beautiful soft aesthetics and the use of state-of-the-art technology, thus, managing to achieve absolute relaxation and numerous sensorial experiences in the bathroom.

The Balans shower column by Systempool is offered in a high-quality chrome finish, thanks to the 25 micron layer thicknesses. Furthermore, and unlike other shower columns, it has been manufactured with KRION® Lux, which provides the Balans shower column with intrinsic characteristics such as a high resistance, hygiene and durability.

Aiming at that explosion of sensations, Systempool has designed, as the perfect partner for the Balans shower column, the new Joy teleshower, manufactured with chrome and with up to five hydro massage functions. This way, it is possible to enjoy the rain effect function, which helps the user to relax and activate muscles; the Hydro function, which activates and energises the selected areas; the Massage function, which relieves pain and muscle spasms; and the combined Rain + Massage function; and the Rain + Hydro function.

Another characteristic featuring the Balans shower column is the inclusion of its XL rain shower, an adjustable rain shower which lets the user enjoy a nice rain effect shower, without compromising the rational use of water. The eco-efficiency is one of the premises taken into consideration when designing the Balans shower column, by limiting the water flow up to 9L/min and by ensuring an economy of use in line with the present sustainability criteria.

The functionality of the Balans shower column by Systempool is highlighted by its easy-cleaning properties. The anti-scaling teats in the XL rain shower or in the Joy teleshower, prevent limescale and other impurities, which turn out to be one of the most common issues in all shower columns. Furthermore, the ledge manufactured with the KRION® Lux mineral compact is the maximum guarantee regarding hygiene, keeping its appearance intact over the years.

The fact of living a unique experience in the shower is easier thanks to the technology and high performance of shower columns like the one from the Balans series. Sophistication, versatility and user-friendliness, all together in a single product for the bathroom.

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