Soft: The ergonomic bathrooms tap collection by Noken

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Soft: The ergonomic bathrooms tap collection by Noken
Tuesday, November 12, 2013Description :

Noken, the company that is always on the lookout for new trends in bathroom equipment, presents us its new nature inspired taps collection. Noken proposes the perfect union between geometric and organic shapes, and natural aesthetic and contemporary design with the Soft bathroom tap series. Its elegant design and functionality fulfil all the necessary requirements for modern bathrooms.

The Soft collection by Noken comes with the following options: single lever basin mixer, wall mounted basin mixer, various shower combinations and a thermostatic bathtub taps.

In single lever mixer taps, the ergonomic control allows you to comfortably use it without getting it wet when turning the tap off. Besides, it has a 22.5cm high spout which gives you a lot more hand space than other series.

The thermostatic system is able to maintain water temperatures by synchronising the control with the cartridge. It is ideal for hot water heating systems such as electrical boilers, gas boiler systems or gas heaters with accumulators.

Furthermore, the thermostatic taps incorporate an anti-burning protection system by turning the cold or hot water supply off. This is achieved via a procedure which accelerates the speed of the mixer and the time the system needs to react to sudden temperature changes, also saving on the water consumption.

Therefore this is a comfortable and safe option as the temperature is constant, and prevents the risk of any burns. Moreover, if the cold water supply is cut off, the thermostatic cartridge automatically turns the hot water off too, preventing any risk of damage.

This product is ideal for families with small children as some of the models include a safety button limiting the temperature to 30 degrees, which also prevents accidents.

This is why the Soft collection by Noken is a good option for its design, versatility and benefits which make your bathrooms safer and more stylish.

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