Special finishes for Noken bathroom taps

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Special finishes for Noken bathroom taps
Monday, April 13, 2015Description :

The PORCELANOSA Group specialised in bathroom fittings has shown its versatility, extending the range of finishes of its collections of bathroom taps.

With the special finishes for bathroom taps, Noken offers the possibility of personalising bathroom decoration to the maximum thanks to the vapour deposition or PVD (physical vapour deposition) technique. This allows a high-gloss covering which is more robust and hardwearing, with a resistance to cleaning products and corrosion superior to that of traditional galvanised chrome. Thus, the technical qualities of the special finishes of the taps make them into the perfect fittings for bathrooms in large projects and high transit areas.

Currently, six special high-gloss finishes are offered: Copper, the exclusivity of Clear Copper or Gold Rose, the sumptuousness of the Gold finish, the modern, subdued air of Gloss Nickel, the mysterious aspect of the Smoked Grey finish, as well as the Chrome and Matte Nickel finishes. This wide range of possibilities allows the configuration of personalised designs, perfectly adapted to the specific style of each bathroom.

In the images the example of the new Chelsea series can be seen. Inspired by the elegant design of the Belle Epoque, it has a harmonised balance between curves and edges.

The special finishes carefully selected for the Noken taps allow the creation of original and exclusive atmospheres which are fully personalised and adapted to the tastes and needs of each user, whether in projects for individuals or for public spaces such as hotels, restaurants, airports or commercial spaces.

The option of personalising any of its collections of taps with these special high-gloss finishes achieves exclusive results, allowing the combination of finishes according to the user’s tastes and with more hardwearing results, resistant to cleaning products and corrosion.

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