SNFPSA launches PLAN Baie: the new web platform dedicated to closure and blind installers


SNFPSA launches PLAN Baie: the new web platform dedicated to closure and blind installers
Wednesday, March 19, 2014Description :
Thanks to its daily support to over 1,000 members, the SNFPSA (National Syndicate of Closure, Solar Protection and Associated Professions) launched on the sidelines of its Annual General Meeting held on 19 March, PLAN Bay. Innovative web portal, a veritable mine of strategic information for all administrative, legal, organizational, technical, regulatory and other matters for the installers and repairers of bay equipment, PLAN Baie is an ally of choice . Small digital trip in few clicks, direction PLAN Baie ...

MAP Baie, the new window of the site

Project initiated at the beginning of 2013, the PLAN Baie web platform ( was officially launched on 19 March 2014 at the Annual General Meeting of SNFPSA, Honor the major projects of the Syndicat with its members on this occasion.

The PLAN Baie web portal, accessible via the website, is a real teaching and learning tool, and is organized around eight themes (the first five of which are already available) intrinsically linked to the current concerns of professionals in The daily exercise of their profession:
Administrative & Legal Environment
Regulatory & Standardization
Human ressources
Life in the company
Markets & Customer Relations
Management & Site Rules
Management Control
Quality & Qualifications Process

Each theme is tackled in a playful way by means of a quiz, the results of which provide guidance and guidance for the professional. For example, PLAN Baie offers answers from official and up-to-date information sources, sample documents and useful contacts to effectively meet the expectations of installers and repairers of bay equipment. A valuable tool with regard to the size of their structures (see CP Profession - June 2013), these professionals very often find themselves alone and deprived in front of their questions which touch all the fields of application of their profession.

The site also includes a "Search" tab that allows direct access to the content related to the desired subjects as well as a section "Dico Baie" small lexicon intended for the specialists of the closing.
As part of a real simplification process, PLAN Baie aims to position itself as the unique access portal, a true reference site for the contractor-installer of closures and sun protection.

Please note that PLAN Baie is reserved for SNFPSA members. The "Administrative & Legal Environment" chapter as well as the multiple choice questions of the other seven themes remain open to non-adhering users in order to offer them an overview of the interest and the scope of PLAN Baie.

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