NK Concept, the new collection of eco-friendly bathroom fittings by Noken

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NK Concept, the new collection of eco-friendly bathroom fittings by Noken
Friday, August 15, 2014Description :

Noken’s passion for providing products which are innovative while at the same time environmentally friendly is exemplified perfectly by the new NK Concept collection of bathroom fittings. A complete range of mixer taps for washbasins, bathtubs and showers which are characterised by a contemporary design and which use the most advanced technology, while caring for the environment, has been created.

The ergonomic design of the NK Concept fittings offers a practical and functional solution, completed by the ?turn on cold system? which ensures the water is always cold when the tap is turned on, and flow limiting device to ensure the responsible use of water which furthermore avoids the continuous use of boilers and reduces energy consumption and C02 emissions.

The ?turn on cold system? – which only allows the tap to be tuned on when the lever is in the central or left position – allows temperature control at all times, and avoids unnecessary risks while reducing hot water consumption. In this way, progress is being made towards using hot water only when it is really necessary, with the corresponding energy saving which this entails.

Moreover, a special flow limiting device built into the pipe of the mixer tap allows the volume of water used to be reduced at all times by almost 60% compared with the consumption of a conventional tap, from 12 to 5 litres per minute.

Aiming to adapt to all kinds of needs, Noken offers several types of NK Concept bathroom fittings: a washbasin mixer, to be mounted on the washbasin, attached to the wall or wall covering; a bidet tap; bath taps to be mounted on a ledge or fitted to the floor; external systems for showers or shower baths; and solutions with the SmartBox Uno, Vario and Termo for showers, combined with the shower bar, hose and lever pack.

With all of this, NK Concept has arisen as a green option created to protect our environment with simple measures which we can all take in our daily lives.

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