New fixing brackets from Frénéhard & Michaux Fix-ITE

New fixing brackets from Frénéhard & Michaux Fix-ITE
Tuesday, October 11, 2016

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The ITE (Thermal Insulation from the Exterior) market today represents some 20 million m2 in France, with activity dominated by renovation and particularly that of collective housing. The prospects for development around the detached house are also important. It was important for Frénéhard & Michaux, the French leader in fixing roofing elements, gutters and fall protection solutions, to accompany the roofers on this niche. As a result of solid steel expertise and innovative R & D, the Fix-ITE® solution, a 100% made in France cladding bracket, today positions Frénéhard & Michaux as the unrivaled specialist in fixing Building envelope.

Complete fixing solution for exterior insulation
To transform a home, to rejuvenate a façade or to improve the energy performance of a building, the solution of insulation from outside under cladding is ideal. This system of facing to fix on frame wood or metal meets a real success; It requires a set of parts and tools for its implementation, including the cladding bracket. The latter allows the fixing of wood rafters or metal profiles to the existing masonry and constitutes an invisible element of a realization in the rules of the art and a good ventilation of the facade.

Fix-ITE®, the new fixing bracket for professionals
The new Fix-ITE® cladding bracket by Frénéhard & Michaux presents the technical characteristics that guarantee an impeccable quality:
- reinforced material: steel bracket DX51D galvanized Z350
- perfect compliance with standards: fully complies with the recommendations of CSTB 3316
- multiple applications: for wood or metal framework
- can be used in protected and ventilated outdoor atmosphere
- good homogeneity: strap 25/10 th
- length from 40 mm to 350 mm

Fix-ITE®, tools and solutions
More than a simple tool, Fix-ITE® is a complete system that accompanies the craftsman in his steps before the implementation of the site:
- Frénéhard & Michaux has developed a dedicated website which guides the user in his choice of angle brackets (especially depending on the thickness of the insulation), makes available the technical data sheets, Technical reports and reports. To note on the site, a tool of calepinage and quotation which facilitates the encoding of the sites and the estimation.
Another tool made available by Frénéhard & Michaux, a didactic video for installers to understand and realize the layout and fixing of Fix-ITE® sash brackets in a clear and precise way. The latter is available on the website and also on the Youtube channel of the company.
- On the distribution side, Frénéhard & Michaux accompanies the Negociates by offering a complete set of communication tools at the point of sale: 3D counter tops, Stop-ray, flames and rods for linear, flyers and pads dedicated to the launch of this new range.

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