Insulation of tile or slate roofs, FOAMGLAS® in Sarking: an efficient, simple and economical solution

Insulation of tile or slate roofs, FOAMGLAS® in Sarking: an efficient, simple and economical solution
Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Description :

FOAMGLAS® cellular glass is an insulating material that retains all its thermal properties over time, water-, air- and vapor-proof. It is the ideal product for insulating roofs, both in new construction and renovation. Another advantage is that since July 2015, FOAMGLAS® has a technical validation for the insulation of roofs from outside in Sarking.

FOAMGLAS® cellular glass is a rigid insulating material composed of recycled glass (more than 60%) and natural mineral materials. During its manufacturing process, the glass powder is transformed into rigid glass foam composed of fine closed and sealed bubbles giving the product its properties: incombustible, airtight, water, steam and very Resistant to compression.

Recognized qualities
In addition to its stable thermal resistance over time, FOAMGLAS® cellular glass offers essential guarantees and safety features:
Perfectly waterproof and stable, it allows to realize a thermal insulation (in roofing, in ITE as in internal lining) that remains dry and preserves permanently its properties.
Composed of incombustible mineral materials (classified A1), it participates in the realization of the most secure systems in terms of fire safety.
Rigid and solid, the FOAMGLAS® cellular glass panel resists compression without compression and is insensitive to insects and rodents.

The Sarking, economical, resistant and easy to install
The Sarking system consists of applying thermal insulation on a wooden paneling or paneling and on the latter a counter-lathing which will be fixed through the insulation in the wooden support before receiving a lathing or plating on Which will be attached to the cover elements. FOAMGLAS® insulation boards are joined with a PC 500 type glue. With cellular glass as insulation, air and moisture can not migrate into the insulation layer even during storms or long periods of extreme outdoor temperatures Cold or very hot.
In addition, cellular glass blocks insects and rodents. The building is perfectly protected against moisture and heat. This system is also economical in that it avoids the installation of a vapor barrier and an under-roof screen.

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