Innovative basins and shower trays by Noken to revolutionize the bathroom concep

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Innovative basins and shower trays by Noken to revolutionize the bathroom concep
Thursday, February 23, 2017Description :

Basins and shower trays are the key bathroom items in the latest additions’ catalogue presented by Noken for the 24th edition of the PORCELANOSA Grupo Exhibition. The bathroom concept in this edition of the Global Architecture and Interior Design Exhibition reinvents itself through the renovation and expansion of the fabulous Arquitect series and the addition of several shower tray series, therefore, giving an integral bathroom concept a major role.

The Arquitect bathroom collection: new colours in high-range ceramic
That interior design renovation of Arquitect is mainly done by new basin models, which stand out because of their soft lines, high quality and functionality. Since these new pieces have been manufactured with Noken Ceramic®, high-range ceramic; they provide basins with high durability and strength, along with the simplicity of the maintenance and the easy-to-clean properties.

One of the other features of these new basins from the Arquitect series is that apart from the common ceramic white, they are also available in new colours, a wider range of natural appearance earthy tones which liven up the beauty of the bathroom, therefore, increasing its exclusivity and elegance. White, Matt White, Sand, Mud and Coal are all the choices when opting for the Arquitect basins, which adapt to any bathroom atmosphere or decorative style.

Noken is characterised by offering modern designs which can easily adapt to endless bathroom solutions. The features offered by the firm’s basins include the wide range of sizes, along with a ceramic thickness reduction thanks to Noken Ceramic®, and a big array of available natural colours. Additionally, Arquitect basins offer countertop and floor-standing basin designs.

The floor-standing basin from the Arquitect series came about as an exclusive piece seeking a distinctive touch in bathroom design. Because of its magnificent aesthetics, it acquires big visual capabilities, therefore, becoming the major player.

Apart from the new decorative possibilities and the high quality regarding their ceramic, the Arquitect basins stand out at the 24th PORCELANOSA Grupo Exhibition because of their minimalism and fineness. They include a ceramic plug which provides them with continuity, therefore, creating a fluid composition. The floor-standing installation also makes the components disappear from view, with the result of a better integration for the piece in the surroundings.

New shower trays: integral designs for bathrooms

Noken adds an item to its product catalogue for bathroom equipment which is currently essential: shower trays, available in two collections: Customs and Project.

Among the features that both series share, one can find strength, adaptability and the highest quality, since they have been manufactured in Noken Ceramic® at a temperature of 1250 degrees. This is the reason why these shower trays are scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, anti-slip, and with anti-bacterial properties, along with being reversible, which means that they can be installed in the user’s desired position, with an extra thickness of just 3cm.

Project: The Project shower tray series turns a quality item which is able to adapt to numerous spaces into a practical and functional element. Manufactured in white, the shower trays from the Project series are ideally suitable for small-spaced minimalist urban constructions where functionality is a must in the bathroom. Furthermore, Project modifies the tray edges by removing them on the lower part, therefore, making the use easier and the shower experience becomes much more comfortable.

Customs: this shower tray series goes beyond the traditional white colour, by offering a big array of natural colours to choose from: White, Matt White, Sand, Mud and Coal. New choices for the bathroom design which range from aesthetically functional to unique, exclusive and elegant, to the uppermost bathroom aesthetics. Additionally, these trays can be customised, by making special cuts to fit in completely with the user’s bathroom experience.

In conclusion, the bathroom firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, Noken, is positioned at the cutting edge of the interior design, by offering a continuous thorough study of the bathroom design world. Thanks to this research, Noken can conceive new designs and finishes, therefore, completely revolutionizing the world of the bathrooms, while fully meeting the demands of architects and designers.

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