Forma, the fullest range of bathroom fittings from Noken

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Forma, the fullest range of bathroom fittings from Noken
Tuesday, May 26, 2015Description :

The need for complete bathroom fittings solutions, which maintain a unique design, in which the different elements work together in harmony. This is the premise which has led Noken to develop the Forma collection as a programme which integrates different models of washbasins, toilets, shower heads and washbasin and shower taps, as well as complements and accessories for decorating the room.

To achieve a balanced composition and a relaxing atmosphere, the PORCELANOSA Group firm has created a minimalist design of simple lines and rounded edges, which is repeated in each one of the elements of the series, as well as in suspended toilets which provide a lightweight and ergonomic format, which also helps in cleaning.

The fullest range of products integrates the leading programme of individual washbasins with four geometric options – Round, Oval, Square and the new Forma Retto model – which offer three possible types of installation (supported, semi-embedded and embedded), all with a ceramic drain. In addition to these options there is the modern washbasin with overflow, one of the first Forma creations which has become one of the most significant designs of the collection.

The washbasin taps combine elegance and sustainability with a stylised silhouette which incorporates the latest technology for saving water and energy, such as the turn on cold system and the ECO aerator. In the same way, the extra-flat Forma showerhead allows the therapeutic benefits of water to be enjoyed without leaving the bath, providing a responsible consumption of water.

Being a well-rounded collection, the Forma series also has different accessories – hangers, soap dispensers, slides – which maintain the simple and functional essence of the rest of the collection.

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