Feng Shui bathrooms with the Azrama collection by Clodagh Design

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Feng Shui bathrooms with the Azrama collection by Clodagh Design
Thursday, September 4, 2014Description :

The Azrama bathroom collection, designed by Clodagh Design for L’Antic Colonial, has established itself as the most natural bathroom offered by the brand. After its launch in 2013 in one of the Designers’ Spaces by the PORCELANOSA Group firm, the New York based designer has gone on to complete Azrama with new elements and bathroom fittings.

Created entirely with tropical wood and natural stone, the Azrama design is based on the principles of the ancient doctrine of Feng Shui, oriented towards improving our well-being through minimalism, a harmonious spatial layout and balance between elements. These are strategies which allow natural energies to flow freely.

A bathtub, several washbasins and two furniture options make up the Azrama bathroom by Clodagh. Inspired by the mutual understanding of two people who speak to each other while looking each other in the eyes, the free-standing Azrama Hammock bathtub, made from natural stone, is imposing and completely takes over the space in which it is used. There are several options for the washbasins, made from Habana Brown marble: a free-standing washbasin formed by superimposed rings, created from a single piece; and three countertop versions, one inset, one single, and one double sink.

The Azrama bathroom fittings are adapted to the measurements of the different countertop washbasins, and include an open shelving unit for washbasins (Azrama Vanity Single), a double wide unit with integrated towel rail (Azrama Vanity Double), as well as a closed unit with folding doors for the inset washbasin (Azrama Vanity Doors).

The balance between the natural materials used to make up the collection has been essential for achieving the clean form of this bathroom collection by L’Antic Colonial. Thus, the pieces of furniture have been created with strong iroco tropical wood, characterised by its notable robustness and durability; while the bathtub and the washbasin have been created with Habana Brown marble, combining a polished surface for interiors with different elements, with a textured exterior which has a texture reminiscent of natural stone.

It must be noted that the originality and aesthetic care in the Azrama collection led it to win the Best of Year 2013 prize in the ?Bath Fixtures? category, awarded every year by the prestigious New York publication Interior Design, in which Clodagh Design competed with hundreds of candidates from all over the world.

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