Architecture projects with the latest trends in façades

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Architecture projects with the latest trends in façades
Saturday, March 17, 2018Description :

The ever-changing evolutionary nature of architecture will make a qualitative leap next year in 2018 with new designs, materials and colours for façades. Striking shapes, minimal lines, sustainable and more efficient materials, will all play a major role in one of the most important architectural structures in any project: the façades.

Butech, the firm specialised in building systems from the PORCELANOSA Grupo is providing all the technology, resources and experience that the new trends in façades for single-family homes demand.

#Trend 1: Volumes, die-cutting and backlighting
Volumetry can be found in irregular, geometric and voluptuous façades. A trend which requires flexible, malleable and resistant materials such as the Solid Surface Krion® mineral compact. A highly-resistant product for sudden temperature, humidity and dryness changes; and with a magnificent versatility which allows for unique shapes and different finishes to be created.

The single-family home, Casa Balint by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, Belle Isle by Jochen Lendle or the Eagles Dare single-family house in Mallorca by Gras Arquitectos, make use of the K-FIX system by Butech in order to coat its ventilated façades manufactured with Krion® in white.

Additionally, one of the other most cutting-edge trends is the lighting in façades. A trend which can be achieved with Krion®, thanks to the technology developed by the Research, Development and Innovation team from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, which lets the light go through since the material thickness is reduced. An original and attractive resource which highlights the façade’s architectural detail and materials. A combination of lights and shadows which can be seen at the Cool Blue Villa house which was built by Jasper Polak & Silke Roerig.

#Trend 2: Mix & Match of materials
The material combination is one of the other most in demand trends in the design and architecture industry. With regard to the XLight ventilated façades, as we can see with the luxury residential project in Lagos, Nigeria , one can find materials of such different nature and design, such as: the XLight extra-slim porcelain tile by Urbatek, the Krion® mineral compact and natural stone by L’Antic Colonial. Materials which excellently blend in, offering a fresh finish with character.

Depending on the material combination, unexpected and varied styles can be achieved, like the industrial one, with some details in concrete or metal; or the minimal style through the Krion® sheets or marble.

#Trend 3: Sustainable façades, inspired by natural materials
Sustainability is one of the other trends in contemporary façades. The professionals in charge of the projects bank on a natural aesthetics which makes no use of natural resources with wall tiles inspired by wood or natural stone.

For instance, the Finestrat single-family home where Butech has included a ceramic façade through the Par-Ker ceramic parquet. A material which conveys the cosy warm appearance of wood, while keeping the properties of the ceramic: inalterability over the years and in extreme weather conditions.

Additionally, the wall tiles and building systems have been recommended, which contribute to the energy efficiency in the house, improving the sound and heat insulation, as well as hardly requiring any maintenance.

#Trend 4: Technology aimed at the highest architecture
The most notable trend is the strong commitment to technology and innovation in materials. Solutions which make architect’s and installation engineer’s life easier thanks to Butech, a firm which offers endless aesthetic and technical possibilities for each and every ceramic product and natural material from the eight firms belonging to the group, as well as for each and every type of façade.

Some of the latest solutions developed by Butech regarding façade installation are the modular systems for XLight or the HP Panel system for the Airslate natural stone sheet, systems which have been developed to make material placement easier.

The technical team of experts in façades, develops solutions which make installation easier and it delivers excellent results both in bonded façades, as seen with the single-family home in Benidorm , and in ventilated façades such as the refurbishment carried out with the single-family home in Fuente Álamo.

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