VINCI Construction France and LEBORGNE improve the safety and health of employees on site

VINCI Construction France and LEBORGNE improve the safety and health of employees on site
Sunday, October 9, 2016

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Building leader in France, VINCI Construction France chooses the excellence of LEBORGNE professional tools to improve safety on its sites and protect the health of its employees. Through a unique and exclusive partnership, VINCI Construction France will thus, by the end of 2016, endow all its companions with tools LEBORGNE Nanovib® aimed at preventing pain, reducing Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) And to reduce accidents at work on construction sites.

This innovative approach reflects the common vision of VINCI Construction France and LEBORGNE in terms of health and safety at work; And demonstrates their concrete and proactive approach to risk prevention.

Innovative and sustainable tools, distributed to the companions in the form of "Tools-EPI" packs, will be presented during the month of prevention "Objective SAFE, all safe and sound" organized by VINCI Construction France from 26 September to 21 October 2016 on All its sites and sites in order to advance its prevention culture.

Occupational safety and health: a priority for both companies
The approach is in line with the actions of VINCI Construction France implemented in favor of the safety of its companions, the reduction of the TMS and the objective of the "zero accident" on its sites. While actions taken over the last three years (removal of ladders not included in the equipment, red carpet to identify traffic and storage areas, permanent eye protection, etc.) have halved the number of work-related accidents , 15% of accidents are still related today to the use of a hand tool.

In order to improve working conditions on its work sites and in particular to reduce the number of MSDs, VINCI Construction France wanted to equip its companions with tools that meet the health and safety requirements for all, by partnering with LEBORGNE, Excellence of the tools is expressed through their technical innovation, their innovative design, their durability and their French manufacture.

At the forefront of the Research & Development sector, LEBORGNE is constantly protecting the health of construction professionals by developing tools that reduce the hardship on construction sites, notably through its Nanovib® range designed specifically to actively reduce Occupational risk factors.

Innovation for safety
Animated by the same vision, VINCI Construction France and LEBORGNE have defined the equipment of tomorrow companions with a "Tools-EPI" pack with high added value and meeting the health and safety requirements.

The Nanovib® tools that make up the companion's equipment package are the result of many life-size tests on construction sites and are designed to reduce pain and improve the flow of work. Their lightness and ergonomics will also increase the productivity of companions.

"By equipping our companions with LEBORGNE Nanovib® tools, we actively and concretely participate in the fight against occupational diseases and in particular the MSDs against which we carry out a proactive policy. We are committed to building a company where we can continue to do a good job by paying close attention to our men and by raising the pride of our companions, "said Hugues Fourmentraux, President of VINCI Construction France.

The innovative tools of the Nanovib® range of LEBORGNE offer solutions which contribute to the reduction of the risk factors of pain and work accidents by acting on:
- Mechanical vibrations thanks to the hammer of the chest, the 1.2 kg massette or to the masses torque 4 kg which allow to reduce from 40 to 45% the vibrations.
- Manual handling of loads thanks to the hand-operated chisel cutter 30% lighter than a slide bar thanks to its use by sliding, and to the claw with heel with flame 3 times lighter than its counterparts thanks to its handle in aluminum.
- Accidents caused by the insulated bar and the hammer-holder with a 45 ° angle prevent the hammer from falling when the operator crouches.
- Difficult postures thanks to the comfortable and breathable comfort belt and to the telescopic scraper which allows the cleaning of the shuttering formwork while working on the ground and up to 5 meters height without raising the arms over the shoulder.

LEBORGNE tool packs in the colors of VINCI Construction France
Initially, the partnership resulted in the development of the first three "Tools-EPI" packs that LEBORGNE manufactured in the colors of VINCI Construction France and adapted to its business:
- A pack for the chests including a hammer and a belt with integrated hammer holder.
- A pack for the masons including the packer box and a massette.
- A building site package with a mass, an insulated mine bar, a chisel, a heel clamp with a flame and a telescopic scraper.
For Hugues Fourmentraux, President of VINCI Construction France: "This partnership demonstrates VINCI Construction France's commitment to promoting French manufacturing and responsible purchasing while promoting co-innovation".

For Florence Hocq, Director of LEBORGNE, "This partnership is part of the process of improving the safety on the building sites and protecting the health of journeypersons, which the brand has initiated with the Nanovib® range for four years. It materializes the desire to continue the development of LEBORGNE towards ever more excellence in the service of professionals. "

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