Dewalt introduces a new range of battery-operated lasers

Dewalt introduces a new range of battery-operated lasers
Monday, October 10, 2016

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DEWALT wishes to establish itself in the lasers market, especially with the multiline laser 360 ° - 10.8V platform - green beams.
DeWALT has developed a laser level range consisting of two cross laser models and two models of 3x 360 ° multiline lasers, compatible with the 10.8V battery pack. The brand also launches three models of 18V rotating lasers, completing the Tool Select XR which offers many machines compatible with the same battery platform.

DeWALT wants to win in this new market, especially with the multiline laser 360 ° - platform 10.8V - green beams. This product compiles all the technologies available to a laser, a major innovation for the brand!

Launch of a range of lasers on 10.8V batteries
DeWALT has developed four new lasers references. The range consists of two cross laser models, including 2 beams for 2D projection (DCE088D1G and DCE088D1R) and two 360 ° laser models, with 3 beams for 3D projection (DCE089D1G and DCE089D1R).
With a working range of 30 m (50 m with the detector) and an accuracy of +/- 3 mm to 10 m, the cross laser is ideal for most of the most demanding tasks.

The 360 ??° laser has the function of self-leveling with horizontal and vertical projections of the lines. Thanks to its versatility, it is the benchmark of the market.

The yellow and black mark is the only one to offer a 3-beam 360 ° laser on green projection batteries: a major innovation in the world of lasers!
The 3x green beam is more visible to the naked eye!

While many manufacturers use a prism to change the color of the beam and thus make it green; DeWALT has developed a patented technology capable of directly producing a green beam. With many advantages, it is three times more visible to the naked eye and is ideal for outdoor work. It generates less heat, consumes less energy, its autonomy is reinforced and its lifespan increased!

A platform of adapted batteries - platform 10.8V
The new references proposed by DeWALT are compatible with the platform 10.8V, which is a real plus! The brand thus allows the user equipped with 10.8V batteries to invest in a machine that will be adapted to the existing battery fleet. The products come with a charger and a battery, but it is also possible to buy them naked for users of the platform 10.8V.

Laser: the ultimate leveling tool
The lasers are used in a wide range of building trades in order to project horizontal and vertical lines for the construction of rectilinear structures. They also allow to place elements at the same height. This tool is particularly indispensable for the installation of partitions, the installation of pipes and cable trays, the creation of false ceilings ... It can also be used outdoors.

In October 2016: launch of rotary lasers on 18V batteries

In the fall, DeWALT will extend and reinforce its range of lasers with the introduction of compatible rotors - 18V platform. The brand offers three products for indoor or outdoor use or both.

Ideal for viewing a horizontal reference plane outdoors, the rotating laser requires a receiver to increase its range. It can thus reach 600 meters, twice as much as on the previous version.

The rotating laser: an all-terrain vehicle
Capable of adapting to "extreme" conditions, the rotating laser is considered the ultimate outdoor laser. Capable of performing up to 350 rpm, this "big machine" works on a tripod for very heavy work. This tool is intended for applications such as earthworks and leveling, tracing concrete slabs and foundations, various alignment (pillar, fence, border), as well as the positioning of walls and partitions.

18V platform: the most versatile
With this range of 18V compatible lasers, DeWALT continues its Tool
Select XR which allows users to independently purchase bare machines and batteries. The rotating lasers reinforce the 18V platform which is nowadays the reference range for DeWALT for its performance, its autonomy and its capacity of storage of energy.

Laser Rangefinder: 15-30 meters
Small in size but great for its usefulness, DeWALT launches the laser rangefinder with a range of 15 to 30 meters. Its compactness and lightness, as well as its ease of use make it the ideal tool for everyday work. The brand has developed a mobile application allowing to make plans in real time when taking measurements.

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