Trends regarding bathroom furniture: design pieces that optimise space


Trends regarding bathroom furniture: design pieces that optimise space
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Interior architecture is the art of designing a space which accommodates human interaction. With regard to home spaces, the bathroom design turns out to be an architectural challenge where size, although often reduced, must answer all the questions in order to cover the functionality and aesthetics needs.

PORCELANOSA Grupo is the solution to these requirements by means of the state-of-the-art storage materials for any kind of bathroom, thus, seeking balance among practicality, as well as high quality and aesthetical avant-garde.

Wall-hung bathrooms and bathroom furniture a few centimetres from the ground
Among the latest trends regarding interior design and bathroom design, it is worth highlighting wall-hung items, and the design pieces optimising space, as well as seeking the highest visual spaciousness.

Following this line, the floors in the bathroom become endless thanks to items which have been installed a few centimetres off the ground, both the most functional pieces, such as sanitaryware and bidets, and the most ornamental ones, such as the bathroom furniture, which are raised and integrated into the basin, showing and highlighting their aesthetic appeal.

The result of the raised furniture is a light visual beauty, minimalist, and above all, relaxing.

XXL: Bathroom furniture with a MAXI storage capacity
What storage capacity turns out to be the ideal one in a bathroom? Without an exact figure whatsoever, in this regard, homes in general demand bathroom furniture capable of offering a higher storage capacity.

One of the options is combining different types of drawers and storage spaces which meet different requirements: open spaces for towels, together with more spacious drawers and narrower ones for smaller items.

In order to achieve an optimum arrangement, Gamadecor offers filing drawers or separate units, where the drawers can be equipped with inside, which may help us organise items better, mostly, our cosmetic and personal care products.

L’Antic Colonial , the firm working with natural materials, offers some pieces of furniture with a high storage capacity and pure simple lines which make them combine together with any space and decorative style. Both the Hampton model and the Boston model turn out to be ideal options when seeking higher interior space capacity, and with a visual lightness, since they combine both the drawer and shelf in one.

Complement your bathroom with modular furniture and decorative shelves
Auxiliary furniture, high furniture units, columns or basin units with a curved under sink insert. The bathroom furniture unit series allows for extending storage space with a wide range of sizes and formats, always looking to cover the needs of every bathroom.

One of the other solutions when decorating the bathroom in a practical way, are the shelves, as they provide the wall tiles with both minimalism and visual depth.

W-Tower by L’Antic Colonial turns out to be a model which works perfectly well in a modular format. It can be also installed as auxiliary furniture, independent of the basin.

Furniture which do not seem to be furniture and dual-use items.
The fact of integrating bathroom furniture which also offers another use, is one of the practical and key points in relation to optimising space, especially if this is reduced or if we are looking for a minimalist design.

In this regard, a trend in bathroom interior design turns out to be the use of workable mirrors with a back cabinet, which apart from increasing the brightness in the room and making space visually bigger, it turns into another space which if needed, can be used as storage.

Noken, the PORCELANOSA Grupo’s firm specialised in bathroom equipment, offers the Smart Cabinets series, with a big array of multipurpose modular units to use. Designed with the aluminium ?soft line’ profile and the ?soft close’ hinge system, the final finish provides the furniture with lightness, high resistance and durability, features which are a must when designing an aesthetically functional practical space.

Bathroom furniture. Unique design pieces

Furniture, together with the rest of item, simply dominates in bathroom design. Hence, finding the most innovative designs applied to this decorative piece has become increasingly common.

PORCELANOSA Grupo has a wide range of iconic collections which have been designed by renowned professionals worldwide regarding interior architecture. Therefore, bathroom collections such as Minim by Ramón Esteve, or Men{H}ir and Aro by Estudi{H}ac illustrate how a piece of furniture is capable of raising the concept of bathrooms to an aesthetic dimension where beauty is an axiom that is equal to practicality.

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