Functionality, elegance and technology for the new Emotions kitchen by Gamadecor


Functionality, elegance and technology for the new Emotions kitchen by Gamadecor
Thursday, June 18, 2015Description :

With the aim of meeting the needs of the most demanding of users, Gamadecor has extended its avant-garde kitchen collection by means of a new design which combines the Emotions models E3.00 Negro Ghost and E3.90 Noche Ghost, thus, resulting in a minimalist pure-lined kitchen, created with the most advanced technology by the PORCELANOSA Grupo.

This new design of Gamadecor Emotions kitchens has a large work area allocating the space available under the worktop and the sink by means of spacious cupboards and drawers. The top area has been used to include a complete set of large suspended storage cupboards, which contribute to the kitchen’s practicality and exquisite beauty.

Furthermore, in order to make the most of the available space, at one of the ends of the worktop some pillars integrating domestic appliances and big cupboards (used as a pantry) have been included. At the other end of the worktop, a service table arranged in the shape of a peninsula has been placed, thus, enclosing the set and at the same time providing a modern look combined with the charm of natural wood.

The kitchen cupboards and drawers combine with mitred mechanized handles in the fascia and the Push Open system, thus being able to manage without the handles to get the pure lines of the design. To acquire this formal purity, laser technology for the edgings of the panels has been used, which provides stronger and more durable joints, which are barely visible.

Both kitchen furniture fronts and the countertop have matte stratification which uses high pressure laminates which ensure an excellent resistance and durability of the Ghost finish. To get this result, characteristic of Emotions® kitchens, Gamadecor uses nanotechnology to create an anti-mark, self-repairing finish, which repels grease and oil.

Gamadecor , with all of this, achieves an aesthetic and technically superior kitchen enabling hygienic conditions.

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