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Wednesday, March 28, 2018Description :
EasyHOME® PureAIR, The first connected air purification solution capable of detecting multiple pollutants Breathing healthy, purified indoor air of a constantly-verified quality is now possible with EasyHome® PureAir. An air exhaust solution that is extremely simple to install, with tried and tested reliability. -Incoming air filtration AirFILTER ® is the first air inlet that filters pollen, fine particles and bacteria out of incoming air for optimal indoor air quality. - Multi-pollutant sensors EasyHOME® PureAIR is fitted with multi-pollutant sensors to detect and remove pollution from the dwelling. Lots of visitors or something burnt in the kitchen? The "Guest" and "Kitchen/Bath boost" modes enable quick air purification to deliver constant well-being. - Multi-ducting compatibility EasyHOME® PureAIR is the first air exhaust range compatible with both semi-rigid ducts (Optiflex) and flexible ducts (Algaine) for a reliable, airtight and efficient system. - Easiest solution to install 2 screws are sufficient to fix EasyHOME® PureAIR Compact to the wall, the ceiling, the floor or an inclined surface. Its pictograms and simplified electrical connections make installation totally intuitive. More information https://www.aldes-international.com/fr/product_category/ventilateurs-simple-flux-ventilation-residentiel-individuel-habitat/

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