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Tuesday, May 1, 2018Description :
Dear colleagues, The world is changing, becoming more urbanised, more feminine. Digital technology is dictating the pace through mouse clicks. The industrial era is gradually fading into the background, as we see the advent of a new era where information, knowledge and immediacy are the focal points of all issues. The business of tomorrow will have to thrive in a rapidly-changing world. We are witnessing a change of era. In this backdrop of radical transformation, it is essential for Aldes to adapt and become a more efficient group. A reference in well-being and health. The Aldes Group is a source of initiative, where we each feel proud of completing our daily tasks and contributing to the health and well-being of as many people as possible. This is the pledge behind our new business strategy "ACT FOR A BETTER LIFE". Beyond the global issues of performance and results, ACT FOR A BETTER LIFE is the very foundation of our existence: to ensure better health and comfort in the places we occupy every day. ACT FOR A BETTER LIFE is a truly collaborative project. You are each an essential link in the future of Aldes and the primary contributors to our transformation. Together, build ACT FOR A BETTER LIFE and enable 45 million more people across the world live healthier lives by breathing Aldes air, from now to 2020. Our ambition of development for Aldes will help us move forward on our way to winning our wings as world market leader in indoor air quality: - Remain CUSTOMER-CENTRIC - by making their day-to-day lives easier - and delivering efficient solutions - Innovate - Guarantee the quality of our products and processes - Enable each one of us to contribute to the success of a shared project ACT FOR A BETTER LIFE.

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